GOLF: How To Rotate Your Body In The Golf Swing

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How To Rotate Your Body In The Golf Swing

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Rotation – or how to rotate in your golf swing – is one of the more common topics that comes up. I think what you guys want to know specifically is how you rotate certain segments of your body in the golf swing and, really, during the downswing.

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At the setup position, I'm looking for things to be pretty square. When I get to the top of the backswing, I want my hips to have rotated about 45 degrees and my shoulders rotated about 90 degrees. The second checkpoint is going to be at first parallel during your downswing. (First parallel means when your lead arm is parallel to the ground) When I get to left arm parallel, my hips should be basically square to the target and my shoulders should be at 45 degrees. At last parallel, my shoulders get about square, my hips get about 30 degrees. By the time I get to impact, my shoulders are about 30 degrees open and my hips are 45 degrees.

From the top of your swing, you should be feeling like you're opening everything, not just the lower body, not just the upper body, but opening your whole body and learning how to shallow the club. In reality, from the top of the swing your lower body gets off to a little bit of a head start and then your chest is gradually catching up. The chest and shoulders are rotating more than the hips from left arm parallel to the follow through

The moral of the story is there's really no perfect feel. You have to become aware of where you're at currently. If your lower body is not open, your upper body probably has no chance of opening, so start there. Understand your chest, shoulders and upper body are catching up to your lower body through the entire downswing.



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todd sieja says:

Question- Can u open your left foot to help with rotation? If your still hitting it left is it still lack of rotation or sliding? Thanks Todd

Ed Szal says:

Eric, I just do not understand why just about all coaches focus on the square setup as the start position of the swing. It is comfortable but not really so important compared with impact which is very unlike setup. Surely the impact position is where the energy (and focus) should be returning to.

sabr686 says:

Excellent! Almost as good an illustration as the GEARS software. Good job correcting the focus issue.

Franklin Matute says:

Hi Eric! Thanks for the video. Hands down the best teacher on YouTube. Question: Is it ok to start opening the hips by having the left knee move toward the target as the first initial move?

glenisterscott96 says:

Thanks for the vids Eric. Your pivot one, showing the left hip lower through the backswing and the first part of the downswing has transformed my swing completely. It feels much more of an actual swing now, more consistent with much less effort. I'm gradually adding speed and with it farther distance. You the man!

Frontline Strong Apparel says:

Just subscribed yesterday… I'm about to go Pro after this video. You explain it with ease. Thank you!

Rand D says:

Eric you are the best. Question, my hips rotate really fast and my upper body keeps back. To compensate for this I feel as though I swing over the top and hit more solid but at times pull the ball. I guess my question is should I work to shallow out the club more?

Paul Koppenheffer says:

Great video. people should realize the angle of the hips in the downswing, the front hip is pointed downward and doesn't get higher than the trail hip until much late in the swing as it continues to rotate. This really helped me. I eliminated early extension but then was shifting my hips too far forward with a raised front hip, which basically locks up your hips. The alignment stick through the belt loops makes it easy to see how the hips should work in the swing and then allow you to integrate those feels into your swing. Really enjoy your content, you do a great job with the live videos and your videos on early extension are exceptional.

jim fairweather says:

Love this Eric. Best downswing kinematic sequence analogy that relates to your ‘catching up’ reference is the body segments being like relay runners in a track race or even better the boost speed skaters give each other in a relay race. Each athlete being represented by the pelvis, thorax, lead arm and clubhead (in that order). As each segment slows slightly towards the end of its motion the next segment hooks in and gets a ‘sling shot boost’ in its motion from the ground up.

Mark Doran says:

Thanks Eric

Just shows how much practice I require & fkexibility. I really enjoy your videos. ? Am not on Facebook, can i upload a swing in another forum?

Regards & thanks

Mark (Irl)

Dan Rath says:

What is relationship going back? During backswing are shoulders ahead of hips? They win race back, but, hips win on downswing?

Steve DeSanto says:

Thanks Eric – proves to me why I pull the ball so much, I apparently am not rotating my hips enough, I’m gonna try using the plastic rods and seeing where I am at with my swing. Also, thanks for the free 7-day trial. Steve

Bill Wallenstein says:

Your up off’ly early

Mike Beezy says:

Eric so a good feel to start the downswing is the left hip going down and around ?

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