GOLF: How To Start The Downswing Correctly

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How To Start The Downswing Correctly

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What we're going to talk about here from the top of the golf swing is based on things I've seen on video, based on 3-D measurements, and what I've personally seen in research labs where hundreds of markers on the body measured this stuff. I'm not just presenting this as Eric Cogorno Golf’s theory on how to start the downswing. It just simply is what it is based on the research understanding we have in in 2018.

Everything that happens in the golf downswing starts from the ground up. First there is going to be some pressure shifting from my right foot or right side into my left foot or left side. In fact, for most good ball strikers, that shift is actually starting to happen in the left foot before they're finished their backswing. So, before they get all the way to the top of their backswing, there's typically a little bit of a shift into the left foot.

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As the pressure is shifting from my right foot into my left foot, my left leg is also reflexing as it's shifting and rotating externally. As I’m coming down, my hips are turning, my right hip is rotating internally around, and my chest and my sternum are rotating open. My arms are starting to go down and out, and my club head and wrist conditions are more or less a maintaining in transition.

What is not happening in the downswing? My club head is not working first. My hands and arms are not working first. My chest isn't turning against my hips in any way, shape, or form for sure. From the top of backswing it’s feet, legs, hips, torso, arms, hands, club.

What do you individually watching this video need to feel from the top? It could be completely different for each one of you. The feels really depend on the person. There is not one stock answer as to what you should feel to start the downswing. That is individual. The literal answer to the question is what I just said – pressure in the feet, legs, hips and work my way up. That sort of kinematic sequence is pretty standard across the board for a full swing. But what you may need to feel could be completely different. That's the point. There is no wrong with feels.


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Stephane Gauthier says:

Great video.. I know most people will be disappointed with this answer as we're all looking for that golf unicorn fix that will make us better but I now truly believe what Hogan meant when he said the secret is in the dirt.. get Diggin!

Aaron Morris says:

Really happy you talked about weight transfer feels. I get my best rotational feel and impact when I squat into my left heel and feel like i am making a huge move toward the target. I would like to trust that but I am so scared of taking massive divots. I habitualy complete my back swing before i start my downswing then move left. Could be why I have rotational problems and consistently horrible contact. Few golf instructors can verbalize a difficult movement with clarity.

CJ Bell says:

"4 under in 9 holes" a very smooth humblebrag. How big was Mary's eyeroll in the background?

Dyson Golf says:


Roger Scheuermann says:

I would like to know is the wrist flat or has some cup at impact. Do your hands turn down to get more lag? Does it change from irons to driver?

Roger Scheuermann says:

Can you do a video on hands at impact? Irons and driver, Thanks

Jeff Firman says:

Hey Eric Cogorno – I saw you yesterday at the driving range (I was wearing all blue) when you were starting your youtube vidoe. As I said I've watched a bunch of your videos and it helped my game tremendously. I went from a 15 to a 5 handicap in just under a year. Anyways, if you ever want to have me on your channel to discuss what helped me or review my old and new swings just let me know.

이강혁 says:

hi eric~!
I am watching the video well.
I have a question.
How to fix spin out?

John says:

ok sorry it must be my lap top

John says:

Erick you have great con tent and knowledge but you have yo fix the audio, it has to be much louder

Matt Nunley says:

Any tips for someone through the downswing being too much on the toes. Something is going wrong in the transition. Have no clue

Hyunsang Kim says:

Thank you for your lesson.
Your lesson is so useful to me. Especially, Feeling you instructed came home to my heart.

Ed Lasater says:

Here’s just one more reason Eric is one of the best teachers. There several true facts in the golf swing but the feels you have to get to those facts are unique to you. Most teachers say, “you have to feel this or that.” But that feel works for them and may not work for you.

Tony D. says:

Can you do a few "If you do this" then practice this > videos. Example: If you fire the hips early then practice this so that the sequence is more in line. Overall great video on how things should look. I noticed you did not mention down force in the swing shown. Some people say squat down force. Do you feel like talking about that?

JLC JLC says:

My upper body and ams tend to stall at impact leading to a flip as the club head races past. My feeling is getting my whole left side (left handed) shoulder left arm hip left knee through the ball to prevent this. Have no idea how that actually looks but my ball striking is improved.

Youngsun Kim says:

Hi Eric, i have tried to use inside of right foot throughout the swing,am i wrong and need to try whole side? In my opinion, using only inside of right foot i feel i can initiate my lower body move quicker in downswing.

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