GOLF | How to Stay Onsides with Bobby Lopez PGA

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In this video Brendon DeVore from Bebetter Golf and Bobby Lopez PGA of have one of the most important discussions in golf instruction.

When your head or body gets out in front (targetward) of the golf ball you are OFFSIDES! Bobby Lopez contends that good golf must be played from Behind the ball. Too many golfers hear “keep your head still” ? and they put their nose right over the ball after that in there downswing either in an effort to try to compress the ball or to try to add power their head and body starts drifting towards the target this gets them off sides and they have to flip or chicken wing to get back to the ball.

Golf become so much easier when you are on sides!

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Full video RELEASE October 30th 2016!

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Filmed on location at beautiful Pendleton Golf Club in Ruther Glen, VA for a discount to play Pendleton, email Bobby. Huge thank you to General Manager Jim Mason

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Brian McElroy says:

I am majorly struggling with this right now…seeing this video and some thoughts to work on are perfect timing. Another great video.

Ernie says:

Bobby needs to make a video with Lee Trevino. I think it'll be hilarious.

martyn85932 says:

Couldn’t help noticing BL is hitting with negative Lag Tension and a chicken wing.

6string - Dave says:

Love Bobby but his statement that golf is a backhanded game I can't agree. Tony Luczak says the right arm is the power. I'm a righty who plays lefty. I tend to pull hard with my right arm and right side. It doesn't work well. When focusing on my trail arm and side through the ball I hit much better shots.

Terry Jackson says:

I'm almost 70 years old and have been struggling with my swing for many years. This video changed the results overnight!!! Thanks Bobby!!!

sambhu sivalenka says:

The philosophy described at 4:33 prevented me from playing golf to my best ability… swing lasts 3 sec tops and Bobby says it best…keep it simple

sambhu sivalenka says:

All the new age teachers on you tube need to spend time with bobby, malaska etc…classic…simplicity from better design and a clear mind

Paul L says:

wow. a great golf coach

Gregory Edwards says:

This is by far the best video on this channel

Sam G says:

Again, this is a big treat !!!

jazzforJamie says:

Hi, why not try stack&tilt, Good for Your?

Grady Larson says:

Bobby is a gifted teacher – his light hearted nature and understanding of a proper golf swing make him a delight to listen to and observe.  He's my favorite YouTube golf instructor by far.

rtm IV says:

Great instruction. Bobby is just so easy to understand, thanks for posting this.

Sterling Forsythe says:

I saw this video for the 1st time yesterday. I play 3-4 rounds each week from 6000 yd tees. Really been struggling the last month specifically on the short game. My last scores have been soaring in upper 90's and 100+… way, way over my expectations for enjoying the sport and art. This swing "move" Mr Lopez explains here [left shoulder waiting!!! etc] is exactly something I thought I realized on the range several months ago on my own as "the" possible missing swing mechanic. I was adding 30-40 yards off the tee with superior, predictable and piercing ball flight/aim. Solid golfers I'm around seem to have found a repeatable base swing that they know works and gives them unquestioned confidence in the game. That is what I seek. My local PGA instructors have never quite covered the swing moves in the way presented here. After seeing this video and the "reinforcement" it gave to my feel for "finding this move" I went out yesterday intending to stay with this "move" on every shot and no other swing thoughts. The result, a solid 85. This is totally shocking… beyond shocking. To leave the golf course with self satisfaction rather than bewildered embarrassment is finally a welcomed change. And the pressure this takes off the short game cannot go unmentioned. Wish I'd seen this lesson with Mr Lopez in 2010 when I started golf at age 56. Different things trigger different players. Brendon's discussion at 4:25 about what I guess is called the "kinematic sequence", and that it got him no where… totally resonates with me… totally. The time and money I wasted on all that… so regretted. Swapping positions with the shoulders, and/or holding the left shoulder in place "inverting" is physically a hard thing for me to do. I don't know why but it is, but this is the key to not "jumping offsides"… a hideous death move. If I perform this little maneuver and maintain my spine angle, it seems I really don't have to think about too much else in the swing, and the solid ball striking that results is what it is all about.

michael says:

This one video has taught me so much about the golf swing thank you bobby lopez

Ryan D'Angelo says:

Good god, I wish my swing coach could have taught me this. I struggle with the exact same thing you were in this video and cannot wait to try this out.

jimmy smith says:

I've been staying on my right side throughout the swing and I'm hitting so well, it feels so alien tho, hitting the ball while I'm staying on my right side

POS says:

Love watching bobby
He really has some Great stuff on YouTube.

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