Golf: How To Take a Divot in Front of the Ball [DO THIS!]

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This video is about How To Take a Divot in Front of the Ball in Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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greg papa says:

386 569 4606.

Shawn Watts says:

Can’t wait to get to a range to try this! I can see watching your videos where I am struggling…

Magnus Nilsson says:

Great drill Adam! I have a tendency to Bend my knees through impact and that causes a bit deep divots. I will try focus on straightening the hips through impact for more shallow divots. Thanks again for great explanation?

Fred Stafford says:

Looks simple but it’s more complicated then shown. I find my divots are a bit deeper but not so that they are called carpet remnants. 😉 😉 Something to practice away from the course.My flexibility is not as good as it was at 50 years old ( now 75) Thanks

greg papa says:

31 years since we went to that super bowl. Been watching it on NFL's greatest games

Josh Brownell says:

When you have your hands in front of you like that dont you close the club face and hit it further

Steve Surtees says:

That seems simple. I will try that drill, lately i have been hitting my irons ok but it feels like its off the bottom groove?

dobro890 says:

Great drill ?

malik nawaz says:

What are the benefits of divot after the ball,or ahead of the ball interm of distance n trajectory please ?

Use2Earn Make Money Online Platform says:

lets be buddies bro

David Brown says:

Hi Adam, 20 handicap here. Wondering if taking divots is a little too advanced for me. Maybe I should work on the fundamentals? By the way, joined your Scratch Academy and can’t wait for the DVDs.

Robert Connell says:

That was a great video, I think alot of people would like to take a diviot after the shot & get spin.

Ghost says:

cool video my guy

Martin Killips says:

Adam…that was brilliantly simple – simply brilliant!

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