GOLF: How To Tilt The Shoulders In The Golf Swing (Backswing)

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How To Tilt The Shoulders In The Golf Swing (Backswing)
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Tilting during the backswing is a huge indicator of solidness of contact.

When I look at shoulder tilt for good golfers, I’m usually referencing the lead shoulder – or for a right-handed golfer, the left shoulder – and where it goes in space. One of the keys to striking your irons really solid is that you have to go from basically no tilt at address to having some tilt to the left – or left side bend – during your backswing.

Quite literally, if I stand up straight and I just bend to the left and make my left shoulder get closer to my left hip, that would be left side bend.

As I bend my left side, then I’m also going to be rotating. When I go back from face-on the checkpoint my left shoulder will go down and in to the point where it’ll get about to my sternum location.

Another key checkpoint we use is If I take a normal setup and I were to draw a line through my spine, I want to turn my shoulders about 90 degrees to that line, or to my initial spine angle.

So, from there, how do I start my downswing? I take my left shoulder and I go down more. When you do this, a lot of you are going to feel like you’re a lot closer to the ground than normal with your body. And if you watch our other videos, you know that that’s a good thing! When you get closer to the ground you will have to bend your arm and keep your wrist angles and you’re going to hit the ball way more solid,


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呂冠廷 says:

can i sent my video to you? i have some problem on the down swing

John Martin says:

Really good explanation.

Michael Lavespere says:

Wow. Who is this guy and why isn't he mentioned in the Bible? This instruction on the shoulder tilt has put the takeaway and downswing back on track for me. I was focusing on the incorrect problem. Great Video and thank you for posting!

gator bite says:

thank you Eric. awesome video…you are saving me strokes..thx again.

Joseph Veltri says:

Probably one of the most important videos ive ever seen about the golf swing. I have been doing both of these things wrong. Flat shoulder tilt which makes me come off the ball and then not staying down through the swing but instead standing straight up with straight arms instead of staying down with wrist angles maintained and rear arm bend. .

Christher Lenander says:

So you say the trail arm should be bent at impact? I have tried to get the trail arm straight at impact. Can that be the cause why I'm hitting up on the ball with my irons?

Robin Woolf says:

Eric, love yr tips .many thanks. Just wondering how many of yr students are seniors like me (71yrs young)….I'm a 12 handicap player who is determined to improve. I do ask myself if I have left it too late. Are the movements you recommend especially in the downswing a bit too demanding of a senior or is it merely a question of mind over matter?

amfohr says:

I don't think the spine curves like you explain at 2:29. The spine needs to stay straight otherwise it also looses the ability to rotate. Also the head would dip more during the backswing and that's not happening.

Burtea Alexandru says:

thanks for this tip. really helpful!

Tim Dalton says:

Great video and explanation Eric! Many thanks and wishing you and yours a great, safe New Years!

roger king says:

Another awesome one! I can't tell you how much I appreciate this knowledge. THANKS ERIC!

Dave Richardson says:

Excellent explanation! Great video

Roger Trottier says:

only question I have in your swing is you seem to pivot on your trail leg,no weight shift, I saw your video on this with you spinning and turning out your front knee..looks strange,and you dont seem to do it when you hit a ball.would love to have a video rehashing it..thanks

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