GOLF: How To Transition From Backswing To Downswing – 3 Best Drills

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How To Transition From Backswing To Downswing – 3 Best Drills

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In this video, I do some poses in the beginning. I pose about halfway back at left arm parallel. Then I'll show you what the transition would look like at that same position during the downswing. What I urge you to do in combination with this video is go on YouTube and look up your favorite swings and get them to the point during the backswing where they get left arm parallel to the ground. Look at where their body is in space, look at where their arms are and the club. Then fast forward and get them to left arm parallel during the downswing.
Maybe even take a snapshot of the players you like in both positions and compare them side by side. I don't want to just take my word for it.

There are a couple of key fundamentals and it starts from the ground up. If I go up to left arm parallel in my backswing, and then I get to left arm parallel during the downswing, the first thing that happens is a shift in direction of the feet. The pressure moves more forward in my feet.

The second thing you’ll notice as my lower body and upper body both turn is I'm adding flex, bending my knees, and increasing my forward flex. My knees both gain flex. My chest gets closer to the ground and I’m reflexing and opening.

Part number three is the wrist conditions and the arms and club.
If we just focus on the left arm there's added pronation – the back of my left hand gets more up towards the sky – and my left palm goes from behind me to more down towards the ground. From there I add in the wrist flexion. If you go back flat or slightly cupped or even slightly bowed, that wrist is going to stay the same or you will increase flexion.

The best golfers in the world all do these three things in transition. They have more pressure going into their left foot. They are reflexing their knees and chest as they turn and open and they are adding pronation and wrist flexion.

Check out the drills I show you for each of these pieces in the video.


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Eric Cogorno Golf says:

Get additional free videos from me exclusively at

Dave Czerniak says:

Hey Eric, wanted to say thank you for your content. Your chipping video already helped me gain some confidence. Im excited to continue to grow my game with your videos. I love the way you communicate your points. Keep it up

steve perry says:

i can definately use all this. thnx, steve

Harold Pohoresky says:

Possibly the best video you have ever done. Thank you

Phil B says:

Great video Eric, I'm going to pump the hell out of these drills!

Mark Kilham says:

Eric, one of the best lessons on YouTube on the most nb parts of the swing. Well played

Jim Ferrell says:

This video is so good. I played yesturday and was even for 5 hole and then i started thinking how do i start my downswing correctly and how do my shoulders work. I bogeyed next 4 holes. This video is awesome. It is a simple move I can make. I do suggest hitting 90-100 balls a day. It helps swing be more fluid. I told my dad about this video and my range friends.

Frank Orozco says:

Hello Eric, I am a follower of your instruction. I m having an issue no matter what i do I keep swinging across my left foot. No matter what I do; left wrist bowed, pushing down on left toe or squatting. Just cant stop that feeling and motion of swinging left of target even when trying to swing 1 oclock of target line. Can u help me?

ledzep888 says:

Best teaching video on the tube !!

vimal Mittal says:

Excellent drill. Wow

Paul G says:

After watching this I swear the clouds parted and I heard angels singing. Thanks so much.

jonathan hyde says:

90% of videos focus on fixing the slice. I struggle with being too quick and having a overtly closed club face at impact. This last drill helped so much. I can't believe how great of a swing I've always had and never knew it cause this one thing was holding me back so much. Fixed the wrists and I'm hitting a pretty draw every time

Twon McDowall says:

Was struggling hitting hooks and not being able to hit my 3 wood or 3 iron off the tee….realised I was early extending….watched this video this morning, hot balls this evening doing this and what a difference!! Ball speed with 3 wood was up at 135mph and it was pure! Great video one of the best drills I've ever done successfully

Mike Campbell says:

The knee flexion and chest closer to the ground are a HUGE help to me. It also allows me to keep my left hip and shoulder lower longer in the downswing (something I've been trying to improve for some time). Lastly, knee flexion and chest down allows plenty of space for the shallowed club to drop into – as long as my right elbow stays tucked in. Thank you for the great drills and your explanations!

brandon franklin says:

Just to add. My strength in my game is my short game just from watching your vids. Not downing you just trying to help you

brandon franklin says:

I understand what your talking about bc I know the terms but your average Joe Shmoe May not. Gotta dummy it down a bit. Lol

brandon franklin says:

With the left arm demonstration just refer to the butt end of the club and where it is pointing in relation to the ball or target line. I think people that haven’t learned book terms like you or myself have no ideal what your trying to get a crossed. Just my opinion

James Power says:

I’m a few weeks late to this Eric but maybe you or someone else would care to comment: when the left forearm turns down and the club flattens in this transition then the downswing of the arms and club MUST be now on a path heading to OUTSIDE the ball. This causes me to shank. What am I missing here (besides the ball?)? In your pump drill your flattened hands are well out in front of your body.

Faisal Khan says:

Wasted months viewing tons of instructions videos to fix a chronic over the top and casting move! Was shooting between 79-82 and for the last 8 months, couldn't break 90. Took these instructions to the practice range two days ago, and today shot 80. Ecstatic and elated! Thanks, Eric! I'm back in the high life again! 🙂

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