GOLF: How To Use The Right Shoulder To Create The Perfect Impact Position

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How To Use The Right Shoulder To Create The Perfect Impact Position
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When we talk about the right shoulder in the golf swing, what I really want to express is how it affects everything else at impact. Where your right shoulder is in space is going to affect how your arms and hands work. It's going to affect your body rotation and ultimately how well you hit the ball.

In the downswing, how far forward I make my shoulder go towards the target is going to have a big influence on what my right arm and my right wrist do.

If I come down and I straighten my right arm early or straighten my right wrist, both of those act to lengthen the distance between my shoulder and the club. If you look at good players that impact, what do they look like? Their right arm is bent, and their right wrist is bent back. That's how you compress the ball.

From the top of the swing, the more my right shoulder can work towards the target, the more that I can get my clubhead to the ball. Moving my right shoulder towards the target I can get my handle forward, I can maintain my right arm bend and my right wrist bend and have a good impact position.

So, how do we do it? You want to feel like your right shoulder gets to the ball and to impact before the clubhead. You'll find your ability to get your right shoulder through and more forward is going to allow that right arm to bend and is going to allow you to maintain the right wrist angles we talk about in a lot of our videos.

The second way to master this right shoulder move is going to be through forward bend and right-side bend. The farther my body is from the ground, the more I have to lengthen my right arm and throw my right wrist. But the opposite is also true. The closer I get to the ground during the downswing, I have to bend my right arm, I have to bend my right wrist and that is going to be a position I'm going to hit really well from there.


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adri vreeke says:

Sorry bud I think concentrating on getting the left shoulder UP is better as your hips are opening better thank you

Vaughn Woodruff says:

Excellent stuff. The amount of quality content this man has is insane. Thanks!


Amazing. I love your clarity and simplicity. What a joy. I once played to a 2 in my 20's…..forty years later, after watching your video, I remember my right shoulder shooting out toward my target, especially on drives, keeping my head back as it moved under my chin. In this video, your head turns forward through the shot ala Stenson: Question: Can I keep my head back or do you recommend turning your head through the way you do? Note: I watched Trevino hit balls up close for an hour in his prime and he accentuated the right shoulder move EXACTLY the way you do—Your video just explained why and how he did it. GREATLY APPRECIATED!

James Shanahan says:

Perfect instruction. Tried this today and the only swing tip in several years that eliminates my early extension and allows me to properly deloft the face. Also seems to limit the clubface rotation at in / around impact. Feels like your swing down the line w speed. Ty!

Peter Hammer says:

I started to hit balls after 25 years again about a month ago. Yesterday I realized just what Eric said in this video. For me the key to get to the correct top position was in the posture to keep the feet a little more straight and bend upperbody from waist a little more over the ball. From there it was natural to keep the left shoulder "low" in the backswing and in the downswing doing just what Eric said. A very simple motion.
I increased distance immediately one club length and zero topps or duffs after that. Felt amazing.
Thanks for Eric confirming my feelings!

JiH JP says:

Amen on R shoulder bend, arm, wrist downswing… thanks

Swing Searcher says:

Question: what are you doing if your student starts to turn the right shoulder better forward by turning, but club head starts to come from the outside of the ball? Some players keep the right shoulder back in order to hit from the inside. To clarify, I mean the club head outside the hands at last parallel (P6) before impact. Some teachers prefer ulnar deviation but that has occurred already in that example.

Swing Searcher says:

One of the best clips I have seen so far about the correlation of arm through and position of right shoulder at impact. You are one of the few who is talking about that on youtube. Thanks for sharing!

Craig White says:

Soo…basically my swing thought could be as simple as left shoulder (under) right shoulder (under)

YukonJ says:

Amazing lesson and great explanation. I have an issue with early extension and adding loft and I think this may have solved it. Can't wait to try it out on the range.

Tom Shanahan says:

Eric, I like the way you explain and, more importantly, demonstrate techniques. It's also helpful that you talk about "feel" or muscle memory since the three types of learners are visual, aural, and kinesthetic.
I used to be professional trainer/teacher so one suggestion; I like the way you articulate when you speak but I wouldn't overdo it or one might get the impression you think the viewer is obtuse.

bloatedman says:

Right side bend Trevino style.

stonewallre7 says:

Thanks for the comment. I will keep trying it and see how it goes.

stonewallre7 says:

Eric great video. I have a question. I seem to make more consistant contact on the ball with my irons when I look at a spot about 1-2 inches in front of the ball and hit towards that spot. Is this something you think is ok or do I need to do something else?


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