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To pick up a Golf In Sync training aid from Dan, contact him via email at

Dan believes that under 50 yards everything is controlled predominantly by the left shoulder. The Golf In Sync training aid is the perfect aid to help you to achieve this for your game.

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational swing……

Instagram: @dwhittakergolf

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Dan Whittaker says:

What's so good about this training aid for short shots? Skip ahead to 5:25 to find out.

Andrew Tardio says:

Hey dan love your videos, any chance you could do a video on the relationship between weight shift and head/upper body moving towards the target in the down swing. Cheers mate keep it up

Tim Oldfield says:

Hey Dan, can you send to Australia? I don't think they are available from an Australian distributor. The stick would be the issue. It it a normal fibreglass stick ?

stu crompton says:

love this dan i need this!!!

LockeyArmy says:

Hey Dan,

could you possibly do a video on how to use this training aid to help make sure your backswing is square and correct (position wise)?? i own a golf in sync and love it for chipping but im confused as to what your meant to see/feel for the backswing any help would be greatly appreciated!

David Boyle says:

smart idea bit they should have one for full shots

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