Golf Instruction – Great Chipping

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tam hill says:

a great easy way to chip. Couldnt be explained esaier´╗┐

snodgers says:

Short and to the point, nice one! How about a few more??

Scooter6512 says:

This is a great video! As a beginner with only two nine hole rounds u der
my belt, this is extreamly helpful! subscribed!


@iVanHalen666 Thanks for the nice comments. Now, there are at lease 2 of us
that know what a “Chile Dip” shot is. Haha. I’m gonna take you up on the
Canaries invite. Ross


Check 3 things. 1. If you are bending down to the ball. You must sit
athletically (like a quarterback). 2. The ball is sitting up a bit and you
are setting up with the club below or lower than the ball. Sit down just
enough so the club head is´╗┐ off the ground and at same level as the ball.
3. You are using your hands to hit the ball. Setup shaft in line with front
arm, and use only your shoulders to lead the handle of the club through. If
it’s real long chip, use a pitch shot (rotate). Ross

Yusuf Chauhdry says:

Really good advice, I have been playing for 2 years and always struggle on
what to do when chipping, this just clears it up for me, thx

iVanHalen666 says:

From the Canary Islands (Spain) Spot on Ross, your tips are magnificient.
You’re absolutely right about the chili dip shots… I’ve been chipping
since I started to play rolling my wrists and it has always costed me awful
results. If that wasn’t enough, I almost developed a sort of ‘chip in’
technique which is more like a quarter swing shot than what you teach here.
In short… thanks a lot. Anytime you drop by the Canaries, let’s play a
round together.


@misemanu I agree totally and teach only that move but. that is called
pitching, when the hips engage. I have written much about that move in my
blog. Learning to use large muscles athletically to control the the golf
swing is key to all golf shots. Unwinding from ground up, is the key to
consistency. This video is 4 years old and is about chipping. Many still
like to chip and this helps them. Read my earlier response below to
blueterrace about hips.

i0nPuNk182 says:

ooooooooooooo tasty chipping! thank you


Yes! Absolutely! Nothing except the front shoulder moves in putting. Play
the ball just inside the front foot, Shaft must lead the club face slightly
at setup, lock wrists!, lock lower body and hips, and then use only your
front shoulder to push down then pull up. Everything rotates around the
back of your neck. Remember nothing moves, no elbows, hips, wrists. Just
push down, then pull up using front shoulder.

TomokoMurakami says:

Perfect. Thanks.

vg4030 says:

Never heard it called a chili dip before! Great vid

John Sparkman says:

I have so much enjoyed every video. After watching your chipping video, I
went straight to the course I’ve been playing on. I love the drag in front
of the ball and keeping the wrists forward seems to enable this drag, now I
only need to master it. I will send you a video of my swing when I am able.
However, can you please post a sand shot. And I love your voice, it is so
relaxing. Thanks, John Sparkman

lola dog says:

went golfing today and sucked on the chips. Thanks for the post.

WhoIsMaik says:

Getting better and better, thanks foe the help

Mark Crossfield says:

Very good video. Clear, simple and easy to follow.

Han Hog says:

cheers bruv

faggotfriends says:

YEA!! great video thumbs up and subscribtion


@katiekirwan1 I like how you think. If you’ve been watching golf this week,
not everyone hits the green. There has been some chipping, pitching and
scrambling going on for sure. I think you might need to have this shot in
your bag just in case…. Ross

Jc says:

Good tips. Clear and concise

TheDaddyCokes says:

looks perfectly easy (right?) :>)


@blueterrace Easy, but you need to add one thing… start the downswing
using your hips and keep unwinding and let your turn lead the handle
through impact. Works great!! Use the mass of your body turn to bring the
ball out (not your hands) and you will be much more consistent. Keep the
shaft inline with your front arm…maintain the club face and just turn. As
long as you do not let your hands open the club face… the ball comes
right out, at the target and at the distance you perceive.

Namesi says:

Good video, loved the numerous “chili-dip” references


@Sparkmansongs Thanks for the nice comments. I’ll put a bunker shot on my
to do list for sure. I also have a couple of different iPhone apps coming

Alps P says:

Really liked that video gonna try it this weekend and hopefully save a few

dvfly says:

what a nice calm soothing voice ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. split my blood
pressure in half after leaving the course with every pitch and chip shot
shanked. i have been playing this game way too long too forget simple
things but after watching this i now know i was all wrists today and no
shoulders. thank you gracias domo arigoto and god bless you.

mormril says:

Makes a lot of sense. Thanks!

bowhunter2439 says:

I just finished watching Phil Micklesons ”secrets of the short game”
where Phil stated most great chippers almost always break their wrists at
impact when chipping from the fringe and just beond……your way is more
comfortable for me , but I have been studdering and hesitating the shot
resulting in sculled shots that shoot accross the green… now im
really confused as to witch direction to go , practice the wrist bending of
the no 1 player in golf or go back to the stiff wrist arm …?

katiekirwan1 says:

Why dont you teach us approach shots first. If we hit the green with our
approaches we dont need to chip.

bhoys96 says:

@katiekirwan1 you going to hit every green in regulation in every round?
dont think so? be grateful for his video!

tim jordan says:

I’d like to see that demonstrated in three inch devil grass rough like I
play in please.

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