GOLF INSTRUCTION: How to Get More Distance: Dustin Johnson vs. Tiger Woods

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I bet you have been struggling with distance in your golf game for a long time? You have heard it time and time again. Swing smoother to swing faster, or any of the other cliches out there that never seem to work.

But what is it that really happens to produce clubhead speed? How could I possibly swing slower and get more clubhead speed? It doesn't make any sense.

Well it comes down to the release of the golf club. There are players like Tiger Woods who let the club release naturally and roll to get clubhead speed. There are also players like Dustin Johnson who rotate their body aggressively to get clubhead speed.

In this video I will go over the advantages of both and how to choose which on is right for you. (Hint…. It's Tiger, unless you have a canon for an arm and can wind mill dunk a basketball).
Click the link above to watch the full “5 Minutes to the Perfect Release” video for FREE!!!

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Dtyler171 says:

Pfft, Tiger swings more naturally? He uses way more effort than Dustin,
guaranteed. There’s a reason Tiger has a tendency to miss big time with the

Dustin uses his body more because that is how you generate more power. 

rich soar says:

I’m glad to know the important differences now.

johnclark237 says:

i throw a fastball at 70mph,last time i checked. I swing more like dj, and
swing the driver at 110 to 115(i own a trackman). I refuse to believe
trying to square a face from 2 plus degrees open to 2 plus degrees closed
through impact is as consistent as dj release. i mean hogan went from a
hook to the best ball striker pretty much ever by rotating and holding the
face. he also hit it pretty damn good later in life…

John Johnson says:

Dustin is swinging from the ground up.

Myles Oliver says:

i would say tiger is pretty strong

Jukka Kymäläinen says:

Absolutely great video!! I think i finally understand difference between
deep lag and “normal” lag. Some golf teachers teach this release to target
concept. Dustin is releasing/throwing more to target, with open body and
right elbow close to body. Tiger is releasing/throwing more at the ball,
with square shoulders and right elbow more straight. Thank you, this helps
a lot! :)

seventyfive1 says:

Disagree on your dunk a basketball analogy. I’m 5’10, 155lbs, and started
swinging DJ’s style because I found it more consistent. Today I was
hitting my 6 iron 170 and my 4 iron 190 (those are carry numbers). My
swing speed is around 105 mph. I get that you’re selling the rotary swing
but don’t make it sound like timing the release of the club head is easy.
Anyone can pull up Tiger and Butch Harmon on youtube and hear how it took
tiger millions of balls to get his timing down.

63Bueno says:

Mike .did u seriously just compare Ben hogan to Dustin Johnson??? I dont
think two swings can get more opposite….Hogan was flat, opened the club
face as much as possible with a super weak grip and then released the holy
heck out of it as hard as he could..Dustin swings very upright, with a very
shut face, and holds onto the release as much as possible through impact..

63Bueno says:

@ NY golfer…more correct analysis of Hogan’s action than mine….you are
right he didn’t release hard at the bottom, he opened quick and then bowed,
similar to what Tiger was trying to achieve with Haney…But Tiger never
swung left enough with Hank like he did with Butch and does with Foley to
make that action work consistently with his driver when he was with Hank

63Bueno says:

Alan Le, and then

Duval was very much a shut player yes..So was Tiger until he went to
Haney..Jack however, was NOT a open , close player…Jack hooded it pretty
good on the way back without much wrist set early on and then held onto it
pretty good through impact. His face stayed very square for a long
time..hence why he was such a great driver..

Rocket1962 says:

What scientific proof do you have that rotating your body is bad for your
health? Seems like a bizarre claim to me. “Lag doctor”, you are not a real
doctor. The whole pivot stall idea is poorly conceived. I think you have
uncovered a swing flaw, not something to try and copy. Golf Instruction says:

I agree. I mentioned that you will have to be either tall, strong, or fast.
Rory is very strong and fast also. He is a good example of how you can
rotate your hips aggressively (and then decelerate aggressively) to
generate speed. The disadvantage of this, is that as he gets older, and
slower, it will be difficult to generate speed this way. Much easier to use
leverage and to let the club release. John Huston (longest driver on senior
tour by 10 yards) is a great example of this. ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

A strong grip closes the face. So if you let your hands release naturally
the face will be too closed and you will hook. So it you have a strong grip
you have to hold off the release of the hands. Be sure to watch the free
grip video in the link. Good Luck!!~Clay Ballard

TheHajPajer says:

I spoke with ernie els personally and asked him how he has hit the ball so
far and consistent throughout his career. Im sorry chuck, but the old world
#1 completely disagrees. The way to hit the ball long for a long period of
time is all in shoulder turn and keeping relaxed hands. The lag will come
naturally from your shoulder turn and relaxed muscles, but increased
shoulder turn allows erie els to still crush the ball at an old age. This
is also seen in freddie couples’s swing.

reyhan griffin says:

what can I do if I want to watch only one premium videos?

W. Jones says:

You don’t have to be tall to get good clubhead speed. Rory McIlroy is a
good example. He is only 5’8″ or 5’9″ and he mashes the ball out there. If
you look at him at impact, his hips are very open and his shoulders are
open too. He has a lot of rotation and isn’t a big guy.

Asher Ingber says:

Nice job…however at impact tiger might be trying to hit a pull fade and
dj a push draw which would explain the different release styles… Golf Instruction says:

Thanks GolfJuice!! ~Clay Ballard

MahanFan1 says:

A little sloppy. Should have resized Tiger’s swing for a better comparison. Golf Instruction says:

I would respectfully disagree. I wouldn’t recommend creating rotation, but
only letting the hands rotate freely. Henrick Stenson, Ken Duke, Mark
Wilson, Tim Clark, and Jerry Kelly (#1-5 in driving accuracy on the PGA
Tour) all use the roll release. Henrick Stenson does this while producing
119mph of clubhead speed at the same time! Good luck with your game
NYgolfer. ~Clay Ballard. Golf Instruction says:

It is possible to play good golf with either release. You will need a lot
of speed from the body, which is tougher for older golfers if you are using
the body to square the club. With a roll type release you can let
centrifugal force square the face under the left shoulder through impact.
In general the lower body only equates to around 10% of your clubhead
speed. Check out the video “How to Increase Clubhead Speed in Golf”. Good
Luck with your game! ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

I will take this into consideration on the next video, thanks. ~Clay Ballard

reyhan griffin says:

what I meant was what can I do if I want to watch the premium videos that
free members want to watch more than once? Golf Instruction says:

Thanks Asher Ingber! You can watch other videos of the two releasing the
club, and you will see the same motions. ~Clay Ballard

TheNYgolfer says:

“Rolling the hands over” through impact (utilizing the #3 accumulator per
The Golfing Machine) does create additional power but it requires timing
the roll and that can be problematic , ESPECIALLY under pressure. To
eliminate this “timing” issue many players use what can be called a
“shutfaced method” or more accurately a “square to the arc” method. Also in
the past called the “square to square ” method.

TheNYgolfer says:

Ben Hogan,who would open the clubface (cup the left wrist) on the backswing
would almost immediately on the downswing close the clubface (bow or as he
called it “supinate”) the left wrist and then try to hold the “bow” through
impact.He said that he wanted the feeling that that the right hand did “NOT
roll over the left” through impact.Impact is where the rubber meets the
road and Hogan just got there differently than a shut faced player, who
keeps the blade shut (square to the arc) from startup

Joshzilla1979 says:

If I use a strong grip, particularly with the right hand I can’t turn the
club over and can barely even make contact. With a more neutral grip
everything seems to flow better. Isn’t the strong grip supposed to HELP
close the face? I think that I’m experience what you describe in this
video, but it’s still a bit confusing.

Alan Lee says:

Clay. Notice at impact from the down the line view. You’ll notice with
Tiger the shaft is in line with the right forearm and with Dustin it’s in
line with the left arm. Can you comment on these two methods of striking
the ball? Golf Instruction says:

I would bet Greame Mcdowell is a lot more athletic than he looks. I
wouldn’t be surprised if he had a pretty good fastball!! He also does many
other good motions. His sequencing (transferring energy from his body to
his arms is very good) and he has good lag and release. Graeme also isn’t
very long. Only 110 mph clubhead speed. You can find that kind of clubhead
speed at any course across the world. He wins majors with solid ball
striking and a great short game. He is very solid! ~Clay Ballard

Alan Lee says:

It’s also worth noting that shut faced players can be successful. David
Duval had a lot of success with it back in the early 2000s. It’s also not
as hard to “time” an open to closed action as people think. Jack Nicklaus
was open to closed and he was the greatest of all time. There’s no
conscious rotation of the left wrist. Your left side just posts up and your
right hand pushes the club through. The left wrist stays fluid and acts
like a ball joint. It’s as consistent as your ball position

GolfJuiceTV says:

great video, id take tigers swing every day lol no brainer Golf Instruction says:

You receive about 30 free videos as a free member. If you would like to
watch all of our premium videos, as much as you would like, you will want
to sign up for the premium membership. You will also receive 2 swing
reviews per month and access to the forum where you can interact with
rotary swing certified instructors. See you soon on the site! ~Clay Ballard Golf Instruction says:

This is Clay, from the video. I would absolutely agree with him “feeling”
those two things. We recommend on the site to keep very relaxed arms in
order to get great lag in the downswing. If your hands get tight, the club
will slow down and you will cast. I would also agree with the shoulder turn
comment. Without a great shoulder turn it will be very difficult to get
speed. I would add to these two keys, good sequencing, a good release, and
throwing the right arm as top power keys! ~Clay Ballard

Leon Hobbs says:

Graham Mcdowell has a bent left wrist at the top and I don’t think he can
slam dunk or pitch a ball that fast, how does he get the distance required
to win a Major?

Matthias Eisterer says:

Hey Clay! Would you do Mike Austin on one of your next?

Mike H says:

Tiger’s swing require superb timing to square the clubface on impact and
flip the wrist. DJ uses his body to square his clubface, no flipping, so he
can go as hard as he wants. Just look up Ben Hogan to learn how to swing
this way, its far more consistent and much easier to swing. Player, Trevino
and all the vintage classic player swing this way. Crazy lower body
movement to generate fast clubhead speed. Golf Instruction says:

We have a 30 day money back gaurantee. You just let us know and you can
cancel for any reason. Just say you didn’t like it and no questions
asked… money back. Don’t worry though no one ever wants their money back
after they try it. See you soon. ~Clay Ballard

Leon Hobbs says:

100% correct. Good luck with your game (no sarcasm) Golf Instruction says:

I have him on the list. It is coming soon! ~Clay Ballard

TheNYgolfer says:

Shut faced players (Trevino, Azinger, Duval , Zack Johnson ) eliminate the
need to TIME the closing of the clubface through impact , so they have
simplified not complicated the swing. Accuracy is a major benefit of this
method and is the reason why many players who do not use it in their full
swing, utilize it for chipping and pitching , TGM (TheGolfingMachine) calls
it angled hinging.NO “rolling over” of the hands.Strength is NOT as
important as is FLEXIBILITY which can be a problem as u age

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