Golf Instruction | How to Get That Easy Swing With Effortless Power

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How would you like the golf club to do all the work? How do we get effortless power? For those looking to enjoy golf more, this video on Golf Instruction | How to Get That Easy Swing With Effortless Power is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. In this video we'll cover key swing points for less work in the round, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Leonard Bibbo says:

Are you the son of the great Jimmy Ballard?

J says:

Watched this yesterday, got some new swing thoughts and went on course today to shoot my new personal best 74 on par 73 course. Great video, keep up the good stuff like this ?

Darren Alexander says:

Well…. i must apologize 🙁 I was at the range and this elderly man who is a golf instructor (to my surprise!) was teaching seniors and wow…. he made a small back swing moving with almost no effort (thats how it looked…) to show these people how the golf swing works and he hit the ball at the net ( 250 yards) and if the net was not there, for sure 270-280! so my apologies to CLAY BALLARD

thebigleone says:

Wow, that is a great golf swing! Do you conscientiously work on driving the right elbow into your right side at the start of the downswing? You do it better than anyone I’ve seen other than Hogan.

Seokhwan Park says:

Again, super great video Clay. If you let me add Korean translations to your videos, I'm sure it will boost your subscription numbers and the number views for all your videos man! Korean people love to see golf instructions on youtube.

Glen Carter says:

Thanks Clay. I have found this and other similar videos from you really helpful. Helps to sync my swing, commence the transition at the top better and let my body create momentum rather than slashing with my hands/arms. Appreciated.

Peder Jensen says:

hm – this looks everything as effortless your full swing. Looks a bit violent, like doing it 120% power – this kind of effort will not work for 18 holes for the avarage golf player

Darren Alexander says:

As i said you have a wonderful swing and for sure you can hit the ball very far 🙂 yet that device is not working correctly as there is no way a short back swing and just turning (to make a point) hit it almost 280 sorry ………

Darren Alexander says:

You have a wonderful swing… but how do you get that "carry" I did what your demonstrating and i hit it maybe MAYBE 230-50 and i have a great swing (instructors opinion: ) In terms of mechanics
And i cant hit it that far????

Jose Moreno says:

Thanks Clay. Is that the case with all the clubs?

Chiang Chih-I says:

What if create more shoulder turn result in overswing? Or pointing to the right? Thanks in advance

Viktor Podivínský says:

I am total beginner to the game but boy you can teach. I went through the dozens of different trainers on youtube, good ones also, I cant say a bad word about them, but watching your lessons really did sky rocket my abilities a waaaay better than from watching the others. It is so clearly explained followed by immediate practise moves, so that it just clicks in right away. No talking stories around but right to the topic. Love it. Keep up great job Clay and thanks! Really enjoying it.

JR says:

I don't understand something here as far as your testing method goes. Why try to swing hard from the short and 3/4 position when you swing easy from the full position? It seems you are comparing two different manners of applying power rather than what swing speed you generate from different length back swings. Why not swing easy from all three and see what you get?

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