Golf Instruction | How to Properly ROTATE Your chest in the GOLF Swing | Golf Lesson

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Jacob Racquer says:

So something I'm not clear on. If you keep the chest turning how would the club ever actually release? Say if the opposite extreme is a stalling the chest and slinging the club, then wouldn't turning the chest through just result in "dragging" the club through? I think I get it. That's why you have him turn his chest at a very certain point in the downswing? It's a feel/real thing I'm assuming…

TommyV52 says:

This level of coaching is unbelievable. Technical but actually applicable. This young guy actually understands what his coach is talking about through a really complex movement pattern. So refreshing to see. well done

ftrent70 says:

Man I wish I could spend some time with an instructor that teaches this way. I've never taken lessons in the 8 years I've been playing (I'm 47). I discovered the proper movements a couple of times but it only lasted a day each time. Next morning it was gone, and now I am worse than ever. Trying to self diagnose has wrecked what little resemblance my natural swing had to a proper technique. I have seen my parents fork over money to a guy who spent an hour watching them hit golf balls and offering essentially zero instruction, over the span of at least three lessons, before I insisted they stop going to him. Based on what I experienced on my days in that zone I know for a fact that there is a way to apply great force to the golf ball with one third of the effort I am now exerting in my swing. This is the first instructional video I have watched that depicts a knowledgeable instructor who is honest enough to make real changes to a customer's golf swing. At least that is my own perception, and opinion. Much respect.

Montana Campbell says:

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phil anderson says:

hi you saty most people pull down at 4 i want you to keep your ? at 4 what was the word you used? PS brilliant teaching

Thomas Smith says:

Thanks George I just discovered I have a set up flaw that is causing early extension.The old butt is to far back.Who says an old guy can’t learn new stuff thanks again.

Eka E says:

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Ashton H says:

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Arlo Harris says:

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Tony Tanti says:

Seems like this kid is forced to take golf lessons….he is so not into this. Just wants to go home and play COD

Ashton H says:

When I started out, my normal drive was approximately 150 yards and a slice. After learning these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) Now I hit drives between 200 and 220 yards and occasionally longer. My handicap has gone from a 26 to a 16. Search the guide and try utilizing it nowadays.

Camore M says:

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