Golf Instruction Video: Better shoulder turn with the Staggered Stance Drill

As featured on Golf Channel's “The Golf Fix” with Michael Breed, GolfTEC's Andy Hilts shows you a great drill to help increase shoulder turn and tilt in the backswing, creating an inside-to-outside swing path and more distance.

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10 thoughts on “Golf Instruction Video: Better shoulder turn with the Staggered Stance Drill

  1. So I was just hitting balls into a net with my right foot dropped significantly back. I had more power. Much more swing speed. And hit the ball more solid. Why would a player not set up like this all the time?

  2. I find I hit the ball so much better with this diagonal/right foot back stance drill than the conventional stance due to a right hip problem. My problem is ball position…does the ball position need to move back a bit as I would assume the bottom of the swing arc had also crept back?

  3. I have been doing this drill with my driver, and I just freaking kill it. I am going to try it on the course tomorrow. It just seems to free up everything. There is no doubt in my mind It increases my swing speed. I hit these amazing high draws with this set up.

  4. For upper body dominant player with reactive lower body. Moving their trail elbow outwardly as opposed to inwardly for their backswing causes the player to tilt and turn their shoulders only 15 degrees causing an outside to in swing path that creates an OOT slice.

    So yes starting to swing the club with the lead shoulder pushing the trail elbow inwardly allows each shoulder to turn at their full 20 degree range of motion. Then all the golfer needs to consciously do is to push their trail shoulder towards their target to creates the club head to repel their trail hand back with a better tilting and turning of the golfer shoulders and the preferred inside to out swing path. Cheers❤️?⛳️??

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