Golf Lesson 2 & Fight with The Creature

PHASE 1 EPISODE 5 – In this episode Harry Flower and Harry Konig (The Creature) Have it out in a fight then head to the driving range fore some constructive golf practice. In the second half of this video I take you along to my second golf Lesson with Stuart Little at Minchinhampton Golf Club to see the progress with my golf swing change.




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7 thoughts on “Golf Lesson 2 & Fight with The Creature

  1. Progress , that's a good word to hear from your coach, I always said to my students that practising is always efficient when the time you set aside to do it is 100% effective if you apply yourself and do the simple things over and over again, as you well know , being a Pro ,you have to be a bit more selfish, which is going to be hard for you because I think you have a tendency to be too nice! If you get my drift, I hope you have a practice list from your coach? whatever he says do double , triple, be totally focused , there are so many wannabees out there, be different, be egotistical, looking forward to seeing you work your nuts off the next 6 months, cheers mate!

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