Golf Lesson #2 with Martin Ayers

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This was my second lesson with Martin Ayers. The “feeling” of how to wind up the club and the grip was addressed.

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D Gale says:

not sure if you are still monitoring this,, just curious by what you mean
the roll,,,,I am assuming it would be like looping in a baseball
swing…but not sure

Robert Birbeck says:

Who’s kidding who?

serameteis says:

Your videos are awesome! I know you probably have an agreement with Martin
not to devulge everything that was taught to you, but I have a question: Is
that twirl he has you rehearse during your backswing only for feel? I ask
that because it doesn’t look like you do it when you actually hit a ball.

mgsolis9 says:

Hi Chris, I liked the way you constructed your swing after Hogan , tell us
which swing feels more natural to you and which swing you will stay with,
your striking the ball very well with both swings, what was the final score
and outcome of the round of golf with Steve’s swing? good luck!

myswingevolution . says:

You can’t really see it but I feel like I’m winding up my arm to throw a

nova68nova says:

Oh, ok. I see. I really like your current Hogan-esque swing, and was kinda
nervous that you were going to mess with it too much. Keep up the good
work! : )

nova68nova says:

I thought you were modeling your swing after Hogan? And I thought your
swing looked great. What is Martin having you do that’s different from your
Hogan-esque swing?

Rob Nguyen says:

great videos christo! keep em’ coming!

redsbleeding2003 says:

you make great videos!! i am a fairly new golfer – best score 91 on a
proper course… Would you make a video about diff between the pitching and
fly wedge? when to use appropriatly…again great vieos!

Kasey Yardley says:

Your swing looks great! Very different from before Martin. Both were great.
I like the Martin swing best.

Timothy Frost says:

I absolutely love this video series… inspiring and beautifully made. I
have to admit though that whilst I knew about your other hobby of martial
arts, I had no idea about the ballet! The shock of seeing you twirling
through the air had me laughing out aloud… which gave a shock to those
around me! Just out of interest what benefits do you feel your specific
cross-training has given you in relation to the golf swing? concentration?
balance? or nothing in particular apart form conditioning?

Anthony Naylor says:

A guy I used to work with actually swung the golf club like you did at
0:39. He was a superb golfer. Long and accurate.

myswingevolution . says:

The cup is created as the wrists roll the club up to the top. This rolling
of the wrists is continued down to the ball with the wrists rolling into
the bowed position at impact. This is a big deal and creates the perfect
conditions for impact. You can still hook the ball with a cupped wrist, BTW.

heronpete says:

i love martins swing, used it this evening for 6 holes 1 birdie, 4 pars, 1
bogey, happy out, and i still am working on the swing, cant wait to have it
feeling automatic, i feel a low round coming.

myswingevolution . says:

Martin has rediscovered so much about the golf swing that has been lost
over the years. He is a genius. What he is doing is a little complicated,
but worth the effort. Too many people try to “dumb down” the golf swing.
What he taught me set me on a path of discovery that is still paying off
years later.

curtis lowes says:

damn thats some crazy positions … what was the reasoning behind these
strange movments , his teaching looks interesting ! thanks for the upload !

David P. says:

chris, how do you hit down on the ball? every time i try to hit down, i
either thin it or hit fat shots. how relaxed are your arms, grip, etc?
also, do you focus on your target or do you focus on getting good contact?
lastly, do you have the same swing and thoughts with all of your clubs?
thanks a lot, david

rando taylor says:

i have been a hogan advocate for a lot of years taking lesson from paul
bertholy about 25 years ago and he used hogan’s swing as his foundation. i
am curious about the martin ayers method and was wondering if this was
something that you added to your swing or went directly to. i have watched
some of his clips on youtube but i tell you they are very confusing to me
to understand. maybe you have to have his whole collection to get the
picture. do you reccommend the martin ayers method and why?

Peter Lachner says:

Hey Chris, I definitely appreciate your videos and after viewing yours and
Martin Ayers concepts on the swing, I’ve decided to really give this swing
change a go. I’ve spent a lot of time watching all of the videos and feel
that I have a fair understanding of the concept for the “most powerful
move”, but I haven’t tried applying it yet. Would it be ok if I picked your
brain every once in a while I’m in the transition? Yours and Martins
ability to articulate seem to fit my brain.

Mox_au says:

hogan only cupped to alleviate hooking the ball so if you weren’t hooking
there would be no need for the cup right?

chm97chm97 says:

That twirl looked liked Jim Furyk’s move.

enzo48 says:

Having watched your other videos, I have always thought you must be both a
good student and also be highly dedicated to getting stuff right – then
here’s the proof – the martial arts & ballet background! Shame I don’t have
the same mentality and commitment as you, I’m still battling on though….
Cheers Jon (UK)

myswingevolution . says:

This video was made before I cracked the Hogan code (9/4/10). Martin helped
me with my backswing and right arm, which was crucial in being able to
create the proper “cup” at the top like Hogan.

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