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fezzer says:

This will happen, 2:27

Reval14 says:

Will make other videos with her?

Reval14 says:

Where have you been my sweetheart?

Good luck WeNeedIt says:

Also does this witch craft work with a driver???..

Good luck WeNeedIt says:

Robin, can I make a suggestion?. If the concept works and you can devise a training plan that you know works I see the possibility of group paid for demo's to start with at ranges or possibly starting demo's at Golf product road shows. The cost for you is only the stand area for the demo (I have no fucking idea how much this is?) and you will no doubt have a shit ton of people see what you are doing. "keeping it real" is all well and good but that will not buy you many pints of beer or packets of Hobnobs, where do you see the opportunity for sacks of cash coming from?? … Regards

Elvis Presley says:

Onya Lexi and Robin. Great vid.

Stuart Burton says:

Bloody hell that as far as I get to using bad language !
It works just came back from the range after five balls hit the rest like to say perfect but I be bull shitting!
Unbelievable though strike pattern improved and the feel .
Can't believe it

tony penny says:

Robin be a bit clever i just watched ur coaching vlog and you thought its just a laugh but your work was great maybe take it more seriuos mate you have no work and your tube aint paying you no wage

Paulie DaGolfer says:

Man you went full Morpheus on her, great vid. We really do get in our own way when it comes to golf

danthemanwhocancan says:

Feel the weight of that shaft

Mr Kipling says:

Excellent Robin and well done Lexi.Since doing the no look, I have managed finally to bleed this over to my normal swing ( I think). The main thing Ive got from this was how bloody tense I was, how visualising a shot and playing to targets and not thinking about positions. This is truly the only lesson anyone would need. Just stick at it and it WILL come. Thanks so much Robin. You've helped me more in 3 weeks than any lesson or tip in the last 30 years!

mal macgregor says:

What a difference at the end of the lesson …proof if anyone needs it..great stuff…how long? And how many balls to get to that result??

Mark Heerink says:

That is amazing and so inspiring! I am a 14 handicapper but hit the ball like shit and feel pain and get injured all the time because I swing with my arms and shoulders way too much (and I am old!) Since your vids, however, I am trying to look up, relax, feel the weight of the clubhead, drop it, and let the feet do the work … and it f*£%ing works man! Keep up the great work you're doing and I'll try to get better! Left foot, right foot … you the man!

chubby chequer says:

My arms and hands hurt I grip the club so tight. Maybe this could be what I need

Shea Meade says:

Fair play lexi, love the way you started hitting the golf ball around the 11min 50 sec mark , #NoLookShoot completely changes the mind set from I can't hit it, to, hitting in on demand! Fair play for wanting to get into golf in first play , by the I love the tatoos, what are they of? @Robinmatthewwilliams it's amazing isn't it when, you got someone that can't hit a ball to after a period of time hitting it right down the middle , #mindfooked #UnfookyourMind #changethegame

60DegreeLobWedge says:

Your videos are great. This was me about a six months ago and I worked it out with some similar ideas. I can’t do the heads up but closing my eyes works great. Another drill that worked for me was setting up a line of 3 balls and just swinging back and forth while stepping forward into each of the balls trying to pick all of them off smoothly without interrupting the swings. A variation is setting up 3 balls in a line, addressing the middle ball and then hit all of them one after the other with 3 smooth back and forth swings without stepping or stopping to adjusting your feet position for the ball that is too close or too far – this really helps with confidence when you get a less that perfect lie as you learn it doesn’t matter if you can’t address it properly. I also found that it helps hitting into a net versus hitting on the range. On a range it’s really hard not to judge success by the ball flight but into a net the only measurement of success is how relaxed and smooth the swing felt and the contact with the ball (which is what is important when trying to unfuck your swing).

Jacob Streiff says:

9:07 was brilliant. Best video so far mate. She looks like she is addressing it out the heel at times

Lee Fitchett says:

Please tell me u where hanging out the back of that after?

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