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Mark Crossfield PGA professional talks about helping a 3 handicap golfer with his golf swing and how you can work with what the golfer has or try and change them. Playing golf for a low handicap golfer has some other questions that sometimes need answering for golfers to get better and improve their driving, tee shots and golf swings. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's simple and easy golf drills, instruction and tips.

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Sam Harris says:

How can I book a lesson with you mark?

hbyrdut says:

I would fix impact.

leandrogutierres says:

Silly comment: Under Armour clothing has apparent wrinkles all over the pants and the polo, while FJ looked always "flat", like ironed, much more classy. Anyways, one of them is cheaper for a reason…

Terry Seymour says:

Question Mr mark. Do you apply the same sort of teaching to higher handicappers? IE challenging their skill set or is it a vast difference? I am asking because I have just started lessons again with a new coach and his approach is very direct as in making me ask questions and challenging me to hit shots. l like it. cheers brah.

Steve Evans says:

Shots from 40m in. I even managed to shank one after a 250m drive. Very frustrating.

Paul and Sue Roberts says:

Just hitting it straight.

Rodney Mounsey says:

More time to play and practice

Luke Jones says:

Has Mark taken that new under armour gear off yet??? Lol

SuperYoda7 says:

I play of 1 and I have an early extension. Should I change? I want to become a Pro . What do you think Mark?

David G says:

Magic wand my putting please

Anthony Fajardo says:

That short game tho. My short game lets me down every time

Tiger Linez says:

Under armor UK are a disgrace when it comes to customer service. I sent an item back over 2 months back and I'm still chasing my refund. They replied to one of my maybe 15 emails saying they have system issues. I have spent shitloads on UA as well. Nice gear but be very very wary.

amadan34 says:

get rid of shank

Joel ! says:

what a smart man you are 🙂

arrshyan says:

Straighter and hit more fairways

Jason Purk says:

Health is holding me back. Been fighting Colon Cancer for 11.5 years now. Only get to the driving range or course 1-2 times per month.

Robin Tait says:

Great vid … One of the blogs I've enjoyed most of late even though I dream of playing off 3. I've been playing with strong/weak grip as well as my usual adjustments for shot shape … Very fun. I like how you're keen for people to experiment rather than aspire to the prefect swing – keep on pushing up the standards of coaching bruh! I'm sure more people are calling out the lower tier coaches with a little intel learned from your vids!

Paul Crawford says:

Being able to leave shots from the fringe dead….and 10% more distance.

Andrew Baynes says:

What would I fix? Play to the same standard in competitions as I do for fun with my mates

E Abon says:

I'd change my accuracy off the tee.

Back 9 Bandit says:

Pause at 1:23 ???

Andrew Shirley says:

New under armour sponsorship deal hey!!!!

Paul Hudson says:

Biggest thing holding me back I think is just a lack of time to play and practice. I envy those people that can play once a week. If I manage once a month I'm doing well.

Paul Darling says:

Better mindset. Lose momentum and find it difficult to get it back. Need to be able to just move onto the next hole fresh.

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