Golf Lesson Getting Stuck On The Inside

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GetSmokeD says:

See I want to try this very badly but I'm afraid if I start swinging to the left then I'll start cutting the ball again or even slicing it… also I'm curious say I do swing more to the left would I have to keep doing that for years or would muscle memory eventually take over and keep me on plane?

Kevin Danks says:

I've been doing this for years and had a lot of lessons and this is the most simplest explanation I've saw , thanks Kevin off 9

A A says:

Going to give that back swing path a try (a go); for I suffer from the same affliction as that in the video. Question how do u keep the arms ahead of the chest in your downswing? I get the chest ahead of the arms when trying to turn thru.

Josh Martins says:

After making huge strides in my swing…I've literally become "stuck" with this currently. My instructor also has given me the same suggestion of feel like swinging to the left more. Scary..because it gives me flashbacks of my old over the top swing.

SnowBase says:

Glad I found this video, can start attempting loads of different swings, range in a couple days.

skibuddy123 says:

Exactly what I was working on at the range today. It feels, initially as if you are cutting across the ball but, in fact club path is just straighter. Great simple effective video.

Bryan Beaman says:

my divots keep going to the left, I'm making good contact by my shot shape is too much of a fade. I usually hit the ball very straight what can I do?

James Freeman says:

Thanks Mark. Couple of great thoughts there. Suffering exactly from this, either resulting in a push or a nasty hook when my body stops rotating and I flip my hands. Very destructive to the scorecard.

Bill Rubeck says:

Really liking these videos, Mark. I am learning a lot here. Please keep the videos coming!

FearBeforeMF says:

What's a good way to stop pulling a golf shot?

Harry Brandt says:

Awesome Mark!!!  you are a great communicator.

Ricci blackman says:

I have been doing lessons on this but whenever I correct one problem another one develops! Golf arrgghh! My new problem is on wedges when I hit my 52 wedge it goes 110 the next time it goes like a lob wedge and only goes 70! Can you do a video to fix this problem!

Matt says:

Mark how come you never use the same club that the person in the video does?  I know its all the same premise but if you were to use the same club(or atleast close to in the case of irons) I think it would make a better visual for people.

Ralphyneil says:

This is my main problem at the moment, getting stuck on the inside which is causing a hook with my driver. Swinging under the swing plane as a result
Will try this technique 🙂

Christian juhlin says:

Lets se a video on how to hit the ball with lower trajectory.. having trouble with probably coming in with a open blade when i strike the ball in that way. but when i dont hit it like that it goes way to high.. but i still want to learn so i can hit longer and not so high..
Greetings from sweden.

Brad Evert says:

Hey Mark, could you do a video on aim-point and how it works. I think it would be beneficial for a lot of us that struggle on the greens.

vimanski says:

Your intro "Let's get stuck in" doesn't really fit this lesson…

Steven Kuijper says:

I'll give it a go! Been struggling with a push for a while now. Thanks Mark!

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