Golf Lesson – Hitting The Centre of The Clubface

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HITTING THE CENTRE OF THE CLUBFACE – PGA Professional Robin Symes explains how hitting the centre of the clubface is a skill and shows how this this can be developed in your practice.

Hi, Robin here. Something many golfers don't realize the importance of, is striking the ball from the center of the club face. You probably already know that if you don't strike the ball from the center, the ball goes shorter for sure. But also, non-center hits will affect the direction of your shot, both where the golf ball will start, and then the shape of the shot. Your draw or your fade can be simply as a result of not hitting the golf ball from the center of the club face.
Perhaps you've got a certain pattern. You keep on hitting the heel, or you keep on hitting the toe. It's not really one fault which creates that, so I can't give you the answer to that in this video.
But what I can say is that hitting the center of the club face, there's a certain element of skill, and you should try to develop that skill in your practice. To do that, what I want you to do on the driving range is try to hit different spots in the club face. Perhaps the first ball you'll try to hit it off the toe end of the club.
You might see the mark on the club face, you'll certainly feel the club twist if you haven't hit the center. If you do that initially, great. If you don't, keep on repeating until you can hit the toe of the club.
Once you're able to hit the toe, try to hit the heel. With some practice, you're going to start to develop awareness of how you're moving differently to hit different spots of the club face.
You're developing that skill. If you can learn to hit the toe and you can learn to hit the heel, you can certainly, with practice, learn to hit the center of the club face, which can only help you improve your golf.


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DK says:

You r a great coach !!!

Burt Rosenbluth says:

This quite useless coaching. The advice is essentially keep practicing
until you can hit the sweat spot. Why not just keep praticing until you can
control the distance and direction of each shot and call it good? 

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