Golf Lesson How To Hit Your Long Irons

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iPhone app Hit your long irons with power and control with this great video got lesson. Mark Crossfield talks about how to hit better long iron shots to help you shot better scores and hit more greens. Improve your 3 and 4 irons shots with simple easy to understand golf tips from the internet golf professional.

Mark Crossfield is a golf professional with over 15 years of coaching experience. Mark helps golfers from all over the glove with his video golf instruction that will get you playing some better golf today.

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Dan Bridge says:

I hit my 3 and 4 irons perfectly, or as perfect as I can right now. so why
are so many new sets of clubs tailored towards people who want hybrids
instead of long irons? why do club manufacturers seem to think that
everyone wants hybrids these days? so many sets I looked at either have
hybrids or just don’t have a 3 iron. is that because you should be using a
5 wood or a hybrid instead of a 3 iron? I have never had a problem hitting
my 3 or 4 iron, so why aren’t most of the new sets tailored for people who
can hit long irons?

Ryan Fenter says:

My case is strange. I am quite good at my high irons, hybrids, and woods,
but my low irons are weak as fuck and i am very inconsistent with them

chris pattison says:

Hi Mark, was wondering if you had any tips on getting my irons longer, I
seem to get the loft, my wedges and higher irons are great, but working
downwards from 6 iron which I hit around 150 yards, I seem to not be able
to get 5,4 and 3 that much further…I was told by a friend my 3 iron
should be going around 190 for someone my size and with my swing… that
seems very long compared to the results im seeing! Ive only been playing
around a year, so need lessons! but anything that could help would be

23lnp says:

I personally use more of a sweeping swing ( like driver and woods ) on my
low irons because the clubs are so much longer than mid to high irons.
Personally i find it a more consistent swing with better connection on the
ball than doing a mid – high iron compression swing.

Dee L says:

And , in the next video, we may actually get to see the golf ball … lol

FueThengMoua says:

use the same swing for every thing… phil mickelson style….

Sean Ganly says:

I can’t use my long irons at all! i’ve resorted to just using my woods or
hybrid 5 iron, been playing a couple years now and my long iron game is the
only part that hasn’t improved at all

Jayykub757 says:

my main issue with long irons is that when i don’t hit it well i push it…
any advice?

Riley Cooper says:

Great vid I’m taking this advice along with my new 2 iron to the course

wizardbase says:

very poor instructor …do not see the ball at your feet …too much gab
… stick to what your lesson goal

Frankie Gibbs says:

Yeah I have a lot of trouble it seems hitting me 3 iron. Thinking about
getting a hybrid. I’ve never actually hit a hybrid.

Brean Tennant says:

So the only reason to choose an iron over rescue is trajectory? Windy days
iron, calm rescue?

Mary Morris says:

Mark you have a beautiful swing.

defragZA says:

i love my long irons, very comfortable hitting the green from 200-230m out
with a3 or 4 iron, just have to trust in your swing and commit to the shot
with those. then they aren’t much different from a 7 or 8 iron

jack kalis says:

Thanks Mark i was having trouble with my 3,4 irons now hitting them
pretty good in the air Thanks 

sk8souldier says:

well technically yes, but it was just to switch from my old bag to my new

Muzzie0323 says:

Mark you have a beautiful swing.

Alex Keaney says:

Do you have graphite shafts on your irons?

MaknasGolf says:

i tend to hit my 3-5 irons very high like my 7 iron… and i dont get the
distance i want.. is it because the clubhead is open at impackt? or is it
because i need to hit it more towards my right foot? i hit my 7 iron
160-170 yards, and 5 iron 170-180…

TheWorldsworstgolfer says:

new range mat ?

delers321 says:

i have got a 2,3,4 but not a 5 :S

Nate Gaikwad says:


sk8souldier says:

I got my set custom designed with a 2 iron included… Ask me if I’ve ever
taken it out of the bag…

MsNicole1218 says:

Long Irons here as well. I can not hit a hybrid from the rough or fairway
for that matter and get the flight I get from an iron.

Matthew Wright says:

Disturbing…I can hit my irons (1-5) really well, I just struggle with a

jack wheatley says:

i feel its more an attitude thing think your gonna smash it hopefully you

anon ymous says:

In London it is traditional not to charge for the three iron whenever
buying clubs but make sure you ask when in the shop next

techman1974 says:

After warming up the swing with PW 9i, I use my 4i to promote a full swing,
without chopping down on the ball. I’ve found it really helps with tempo
when moving back to the mid, long irons.

adamutuber says:

I love my 4 iron, always have. And I think that’s how it would be for
everyone. You either can hit them because you grew up with them or you
can’t hit them. I agree with Mark, you need to give it a little extra to
make them work. I would even put the 5 iron in this category. One thing I
change with the 3-4-5 irons and maybe this is a swinging mistake but that
is to mentally aim to hit it closer to the shaft on the face. I find more
success doing it this way. I think most people toe long irons.

matthew mg says:

i dont forward press their probly quite low

trew ten says:

I know a guy that plays the entire round of golf with nothing but irons.

omkuberaynamaha says:

Mark.i like to watch top pro golfers.could you make a video using sort of
club shafts they would and so I can watch your swing?thx

Mario Beky says:

Great tip, Mark!

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