Golf Lesson – How To Smash Your Driver

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Earl Yetman says:

The problem with this video is that he never talks about the real problem. Most amateurs grip their clubs too tight, this kills distance! If you do this and try to “hit” the ball you will lose your follow through and have a high weak shot or or strange hooks and slices.
Think how easy to swing during a practice swing, that is how YOU swing. Do you think about hitting a nail? I doubt it. To me a baseball or softball is easy to hit because it is a situation of dynamic balance, you don’t think you just do. Think skipping a rock on water or a side arm throw. Let the club throw like that through the ball and you will bomb all of them. Relax, feel the weight of the club head, your body will and brain will do the rest. I am 49 years old and can still bomb my shots but I learned to relax and not hit the ball. Simply swing through it at your target. I am not a PGA pro , just a guy that golfed from ages 10-29 and quit because I was getting worse and picked the game up again a few years ago.
The term “bomb” the driver is all relative to your natural athleticism, I played sports to the university level and have always been good at track, football, golf, baseball, etc, etc. To me at my current age “bombing” is 275-300 yds. To you it may be 180, 200, 250, or whatever. Hit it as far as you can then learn hitting it in a direction and you will be OK. We are not Tour Pros, I am not, I can go out and have fun and enjoy well hit shots. My game turns to shit whenever I over think it, it’s credibly good when I walk to the ball and wallop it without over thinking.

Steve brown says:

What new tip is being imparted? Wide stance, forward ball, higher tee, and right tilt…..seen it a million times

fdllicks says:

great video! says:

neutral join alignment?!?! inertia??? wtf are you guys talking about? please speak in layman's terms to us hackers!!! Freaking!! Spin in conjunction!

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