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Golf Lesson Know You Miss with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks getting around the golf course with your bad shots and how to manage them. Mark shows you with the help of K-Vest, GC2 HMT how he would play a hole that has trouble on the side he knows he can miss. Play your best golf with Mark Crossfield's easy to follow and understand golf tips,drills and teaching.

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Mark Crossfield says:

Golf tip, known your miss for lower scores with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru

Mark Crossfield says:

Golf lesson understand your miss for lower scores with Mark Crossfield. 

Noah Walker says:

I wish you lived in the U.S.! I could really benefit from a lesson with you

Cameron Brown says:

mark could you look at some of my vids

James B says:

Mark, sorry to hear your mrs left. Things will get better. Plenty of fish
in the sea

Blake Mosely says:

How do you feel about over-sized putter grips? Please answer!

KB94GT says:

Check your grip. Has a lot to do with those types of shots.

FJRIPS says:

Awesome video Mark.

TheJustinsbaba06 says:

My MRS are always moaning about me playing too much golf!

Rich Griffiths says:

2 technophobes watched this . a great video and a superb insight . a must

Swing Education says:

Another quality video Mark! it’s interesting as this has been an area I’ve
been working on, although a lot less scientific due to the lack of
equipment. What aspects would you say are the more common swing thought
‘fixes’ when on the course? I’d guess most people loose the ball to the
right the majority of the time – I know I do – so what would you say that
should be something I can add into my game whilst on the course?

9tube1 says:

Brilliant!!! This is exactly the type of info most of us are never privy
to. Thanks for all you do.

dehnemark66 says:

When would you abandon the Monty Poster? You never did any subject on Yonex
clubs anyway!

frgolfer says:

Mark, Do you think haveing a combo mizuno set would be good for someone who
plays of 10 and strikes the ball well. I’m talking about mp4s in 8,9 and
pitch then mp 54s in 7,6,5 and then the mp h 4s in 4 and 3 iron. Thanks and
please answer. And any one else again thank you. !!!!

yourik van beek says:

hi mark, my ball flight is straight to right most are fades. i can’t hit a
draw if i want to, Can it be that i have to much rotation with hips or
shoulders at impact? Thanks

Golfvids13 says:

Great video Mark

klarkus says:

Hey mark what do you wear when playing in the rain? Its starting to rain
here and just wondering the best stuff to wear to have a good and fun game?
I’ve got a few things ordered just I got a mizuno waterproof cap, rain
gloves, a cheap waterproof suit and umbrella. Any tips on playing in the
rain would be great! Love the vids.

David Wadhams says:

Yes you should try college golf. Free golf at high levels of competition,
can’t pass that up

Rick Howarth says:

Awesome insight.

Justin Woodie says:

good video, bad grammar

Daniel Burnett says:

Hey Mark, i am a 17 year old male just getting into college. This is my
first year, started about 4 weeks ago. I am a very big golfer, i have
between a 6-10 handicap. I am getting better very fast, shot under par at
least 5 times this summer. But my question is should i try college golf? Or
just practice more and get into tournaments to try and get to the PGA tour
one day. That is my dream. Please respond, thanks.

Matthew Collins says:

Why don’t you wear contact lenses when golfing (serious
question)…especially in rain

Barry Oakland says:

Excellent, much appreciated Mark

robocop30301 says:

Great vid, thanks a lot!

HeidisBrother says:

Hey Mark. I haven’t ever heard you talk about “trapping” the ball. I
recently took a lesson and my instructor used that term (“trap”) as a way
to get me thinking of the correct angle of attack. That, along with
thinking about turning through impact, improved my ball striking almost
immediately. Just wondering what your thoughts are on “trapping” the ball.
Keep up the good work! Thanks.

zoro07able says:

interesting approach – I do live in belgium and not aware of any teaching
professional having this approach – could use this to get my game at next
level (actual 9,9) – pitty you are across the pond if not I would book a
few days to get a full review of my level and points to work on like how to
link the feeling and the physical like you gave that example on pulls to
the right – great job

Online Optics says:

Great vid Mark… more like this please… ever thought of having advanced
golfer vid or section??

Tony Reidsma says:

Mark. One of the best green screen videos I’ve seen. Nice work.

Peter D says:

The best golf vids on YouTube, or just about anywhere else for that matter.

Shanon Cuskelly says:

Great, as always! Thanks Mark

wossc says:

This is one of the most interesting videos you have posted up to now. Thank
you and keep up the good work!!!

Jeffrey Ashton says:

Mark, I’m digging the blue trousers!

Linus Lövgren says:

Really good video mark:-)

David Eaton says:

Hi mark I keep pushing/slicing my ball right any thoughts on this? Thanks

Keith White says:

Love the misshits vidoe, totally get this. Been making a few low pulls
myself and use the same techniques to couner it. Great advice.

W. Jones says:

I’d give anything to be able to hit a draw now. I can close the face way
down and still hit a push fade or slice.

ShakotanFC says:

Mark- you should check your leg length. Any discreptancy (which,
incidentally, is very common) can cause erratic curvature in your shots, as
you can well imagine. All easily solved by an in-shoe prosthetic. Chin up,

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