Golf Lesson: SECRET To Building REAL Lag In Your Swing

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Learn the secret of building REAL lag into your swing!

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There is lots of golf instruction out there that talks about lag and the importance of lag to clubhead speed. But, are you learning how to develop lag the correct way?

In this video, RotarySwing will unveil a secret that many golf instructors will NOT teach you. He will also show you what mistakes are made when working to build lag and a perfect drill geared to building more lag in your swing than you ever dreamed of. —
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Rob Bowles Ltd Builder says:

Just came across this and wow just increased my MPH by 20%, for the first time now hitting my 7 iron 150 carry. Thanks and like the comment about crazzy Brother LOL

bl9ck4d says:

Is it the same for driver?

movie guy99 says:

Such a confusing game. Here I learn your right hand should be so uninvolved that it is coming off the club and Ben Hogan's telling me he wished he had 3 right hands to hit the ball with.

Bob Lawrie says:

Chris , Man you have to do more with instructions..all talk, no action

D Waldron says:


I have been following you guys for some months now, and love the lecture part of your instruction. However, it would be great to see you guys actually swing a golf club and hit some balls as part of the illustration. Frankly, I can tell someone what to do in theory all day long, as that is the easy part, but seeing what the end product should look like (slow mo would be nice) could take you guys to another level.

Most amateur golfers struggle mightily with the driver, but most of your instruction seem to be with mid irons. Well one may say the swing is the same with all clubs, but I would beg to differ as the driver swing mechanics are in a separate category.

Just some honest feedback.

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