Golf Lesson Understand Your Impact

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Golf Lesson Understand Your Impact with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks club face control and how twisting the golf club during your backswing allows you to hit target in a way that might affect your impact strike and shot height and shape. Play your best golf swing simple and easy to fix golf tips, drills and instruction from Mark Crossfield.

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Phil Joe says:

Hey Mark that’s me, Thanks for that, I have gotten that same advice from
others, and have been working on my grip recently, and as you have said I
am pushing out to the right with the new grip. I will try the that flip.
Thanks! Love your videos.

S. SH says:

If ‘some’ of you don’t like the channel, don’t watch it. I like what Mark

alan moore says:

Will the groundkeeper ever finish mowing?

Coach Lockey says:

Love a grip change + #LockeyFlick lesson #YesPlease 

marknic79 says:

He could do with some fashion advise also Mark whilst your helping him!! As
those shorts don’t go with that shirt!! Great video tho!

imthedj000 says:

great video! Thank you

3rdgroove says:

repetitio est mater studeorum

Philip Martin says:

Is that you golf Ninja with that lovely Orange number on very Ninjaesk,I
say old boy!!!

Bill Striegel says:

Couldn’t tell where his club face was pointing at the top (did you say?).
Would be interesting to see his swing next to yours in a side-by-side to
see and hear why he was over the plane and yours on the plane. Thanks

eaglecot says:

maybe not the best idea to teach shooting “towards” the guy collecting
balls. Not everyone is a pro. And some are inexperienced and will follow
your example.

Kenny Herbert says:

Careful Mark Crossfield, have you never seen the film, The Lawnmower Man!?,
“we’d” hate to lose you

Mark Hedetniemi says:

Mark, that seems to be a common problem with new golfers, bottom hand
rotated under the shaft. Why is this such a common fault?

Gamer_HD272 says:

mark what do you think the best app to use for filming this would help me
because i film my self but don’t know my angles ect I play 5 times a week
after school including weekends and need to fine tune small details this
would be very appreciated
Cheers Dillon 

sburkeyboy says:

Fair play Mark, you always explain that better than anyone else. 

Andy M says:

An easy thing I like to think about it’s the clubface being flat to the
direction your facing when you reach 90 degrees.

aso123321 says:

You suck and I bet you’d like me to stick it in you fucking wanker

goolfer says:

excellent video

FullTimeHypocrite says:

lol that swing looks so good apart from the shut face

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