Golf Lessons – Fix your slice forever

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DerekHooperGOLF says:

Do you slice your golf shots? Would you like to hit the ball straighter?
There are some great ideas on this video

DerekHooperGOLF says:

Hi pigslefats, thanks for sharing your experiences. A excessively strong
left hand grip will produce a ball flight which hooks too much. I have
always found that every player is different and although the points
outlined in this video will work for the majority of players, the exact
positioning of the hands to produce the desired ball flight will vary from
player to player.

All the best with your golf game


pigslefats says:

I have found that a stronger left hand grip promotes the slice. The hand
just cannot re-rotate on through swing without a vicious hook resulting.
The hand tends to lock in the open position. When I have a slightly weaker
left hand grip I can rotate through without fearing the hook.

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