Golf Lessons | Putting Basics

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How would you like to putt better?! How do we set up for address? For those looking to make some birdies, this video on Golf Lessons | Putting Basics is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. We'll cover a few basics to work on, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Robert Derbyshire says:

your the best ☺

Flabius Mabius says:

great stuff on putting!

Keith Borucki says:

awesome video.  instruction and demo!!

Ryan Lybeck says:

Wow, thank you for taking the time to do this. great video and can't wait to practice

robert Burrows says:

Excellent video! Clearly described and very easy to follow. Respect!

Mcshowlow says:

The inability to putt drove me away from the game.

Julio Bultron says:

Clay, that was an awesome tip. Getting the grip in the lifeline was what I was missing. Can't wait to get on the practice green to work out this technique.

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