Golf Lessons – How to stop hitting the ground before the ball

Golf Lessons – How to stop hitting the ground before the ball

Some players have trouble making good contact with their fairway shots. Too often the club will contact the ground before it contacts the golf ball compromising shot distance and flight control. In this video I explain some of the more common reasons for this shot, as well as a progression of drills that will have you hitting the ball solid every time.

In this I explain how the golf swing integrates the very same aspects discovered in all various other sporting activities. It's these components that permit you to establish unbelievable power and uniformity as your swing.

If you have actually had golf lessons in the past you might have been taught to hit the ball exclusively with your arms. This couldn't be even more from the fact. This kind of golf guideline is just one-half of the swing. Although the arms play a role in creating the power in the golf turn these arms have to be attached to something.

To recognize it, consider throwing a ball, turning a bat or racquet. If you never ever played any one of these sports just before you would at the very least be able make the motion practically immediately without lessons or direction.

The factor you can play other sports well yet have difficulty playing golf is considering that the sphere in all of these other sports is in motion whereas in golf the sphere is stationary. With a stationary things sitting in front of you, you'll would like to attack the object instead of swinging through the things.

The tougher you struck, the tighter you obtain, the more you'll move the club off of it's course. Additionally, when you attempt to attack hard it creates your arms to buckle with influence hence limiting the swing arc which lowers your swing speed.

There is varying golf direction around. With any luck, after you view this and also various other golf lessons you view that the legs play a vital duty in the golf swing. Otherwise, the very best players worldwide would not be utilizing them.

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