Golf lessons that can change your life – Hold the club – by Charlie Sorrell

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Jose Flores says:

this was awesome

Dave Westfall says:

Best grip explanation. I always get frustrated and rushed. The angle is a quick flip to remember before set up. Thanks

golfmaniac007 says:

excellent insight to the grip….subscribed!

Steve King says:

You're bending the left wrist. If you bend the wrist you can make that V go to the right shoulder but if you have a straight line from shoulder to grip to clubhead, then the V points more towards left shoulder. To put it another way, with your bent wrist, your left hand is near your crotch. With a straight left wrist, the hands would be more forward and that straight line from shoulder to clubhead exists.

Mr. Nick says:

This man can teach. Very easy to understand especially when he draws on the glove and shows a POV angle

An Hong says:

Love your warm voice and gentle instructions. I'll watch more.

Warrior Son says:

Kids in Africa could've eaten that glove… ?

The Lumberjackass says:

He's spot on. Great knowledge.

bobbycratchit says:

I like it. Nicely put.

Barry Pallett says:

Flying Scotsman train


Best grip video on the internet!!!!!

Garth Downton says:

Life is still the same , no rhythm or timing , the true killer in the golf swing regardless of the grip !

Gift Horse says:

It's the dangle of the angle that implies how it flies.

Stewart Mckay says:

solid advise wow

lilly bloom says:

"I'd rather wake up and find a Diamond Backed rattlesnake in my pajamas than I would hit a hook." Ben Hogan

Hogan ought to know about the horrors of a hook, for he hit a hook with a strong grip for 8 years on the tour before Henry Piccard grabbed his hands on the practice tee and forced him to use a neutral grip. Before he never won any type of tournament. After that he won 9 Majors.

Use the neutral grip. It's the natural way to hold the club and tends to produce a straight ball, the only natural shot in golf.

seth bales says:

But every great player who has ever played the game gripped it like hogan and hogan advocates the left thumb going directly on the top of the shaft.

Arthur Campbell says:

prophecy of malchi

HeWhoHasTheSon says:

This guy is the definition of a Legend! This is a top tip! Thank you.

Robinson Martin says:

Thanks for correcting my thinking on this.

The Dude's Clues says:

biggest "secret" to golf is all in the grip. You get the grip correct and your body will fall into place.

Paul Williams says:

Excellent video. Don’t “grip it and rip it”. The softer you try the easier the game becomes.
A light “hold" allows the wrists to hinge and unhinge.Get more centrifugal snap and blade ( including the putter) squares up at impact. Thus that light “hold” of the club must not be interfered with for the swing’s duration . Spot on Jay Zoop. Jack Nicklaus said the hands are the swing wreckers.

thiswilldoblue says:

Charlie, got my marker pen out and drew all over my glove as you did and do you know what? It bloody well works. Thanks for the upload.

Jordan ChynNum Fu says:

my god his voice is so sexy!

Darren Easton says:

Thank you very much for this video, I tried the techniques today and won a small golf competition!

Harry Carson says:

Yeah nice And here are another tips about golf. see Ben Hogan’s Slow Motion Practice. Visit

amfohr says:

Funny, I actually slice it with the stronger grip because you will get more cupping in the left wrist and that only increases in the backswing. But I have a large hand and a smaller wrist. By using a weak left and right grip I can flatten it now in the backswing and the slice is gone.

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