Golf Life shows you the Greatest Backyard EVER!!

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Nic Bing says:

what grasses  were shown  on this    selection  of golf holes ..bent or Fescue  ?

Alex Marshall says:

this must have cost multiple millions to build / plan

Heindrich Dyer says:

Keep golf pure. At the beginning of the video I said bring on the range finders but nou I realized that we should just keep the sport in the players skill level.

Antonio Reyes says:

I just fell in love with a piece of land??

HOOA Golf says:

My F&%king goodness! I have a raging boner for this backyard. WOWWWWWWW!!!!

Luke Smith says:

How did this guy make this much money? He's a millionaire? WTF?

PkGam says:

I bet people will sneak on his course now too, lol!

LastManSleeping says:

This is what you can achieve guy's if you hustle enough PGA pros into paying you to speak to them in generalities without any consequences if their performance does not improve. Then write a few difficult to read books.

Cayman King says:

*Paid for by Phil Mickleson.

Flop2river # says:

That would be an awesome back yard practice facility, and the architecture is phenomenal…however the Augusta greens are not legit… Rae's creek doesn't front #14 and the bunkers are wrong for 13…just saying…overall awesome stuff

Slinkbomb says:

I want to know what his handicap is? Thats a lot of money to spend to just "practice"

Jay Jester King says:

"My grass is cut everymorning" I don't even have enough motivation to wipe my arse properly every morning

Stu West says:

I'd rather have a lawn.

Brick King says:

cool. hopefully you have a crew that takes care of it

mesillahills says:

My best memory is when Dave Pelz was shown with Phil Mickelson on a golf telecast and the announcer said, " I wonder who is teaching who" ? That said it all.

TheJimmy says:

Its synthetic….its fake golf.

Tim Storey says:


Mark Kelly says:

Take. My. Money.

x513xSparks says:

So jealous. Wow

jess jennings says:

Gotta be just for looks , how many putts do you think hes hit on each green? Do you teach there? Yes I'm jealous.

ztheg says:

Now you need some actual flagsticks and flags.

ann schepers says:

that is #12 at Augusta. Amazing project none the less, however.

rob o says:

How much are we talking for this? And I will build a better one? x

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