Golf, Mountains, Sea – Hidden Links in New Zealand | NZ Ep 9

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When it comes to golf courses the most important thing to Erik Anders Lang are the bones. Kaitaia Golf Club has bones and a links style layout that resembles Askernish Golf Club – very unusual and a blast to play. Erik plays a round with Steve, an American living in New Zealand. Together they share a rainy, traditional links round at the seaside course. Erik also meets Irish, a former caddie that now spends him time making wooden bowls and coasters.

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Hello World says:

Some how, this series just keeps getting better and better.. Wow, making me want to sell off everything I own and just spend the next couple of years in New Zealand.

Alyce Brennan says:

where can I find your track listings for your videos. They are blissful!

Josh H. says:

where is episode 10 though?

Mike says:

Legit woodturners are appalled lol

Charles Rudman says:

Irish … he wanted to chat really! Quality vid Erik, loving the work. So inspiring. Cheers!

gcodin11 says:

Ahhh! The suspense is killing me! Can't wait for tomorrow. Hopefully it drops in the morning or I will get nothing done all day.

Tim Haigh says:

Erik, did the hole in one take place on Cape Kidnappers Hole 8?! I recognize it from my own round and videos there.

wescaddle1 says:

Amazing videos Erik!!! Love the mixture of golf and culture you intertwine into each episode!!!

manutdnz says:

I swear IF theres an ace cam video Hole in one dropping on my birthday im gonna lose my mind! I cant wait to see

Aussie Golfer says:

Love those natural paths. Not a dirty concrete cart path in sight.

the1jg says:

ERIK, I love you mate but ads are killing the flowof this video… 6 ads in 6 mins???

Allison Schipul Cohan says:

7:15… ACE cam moment.. LOL

Josh Blagrove says:

Irish – too humble to brag! Some stories are best left close to the heart and kept untold. Both Steve and he are the epitome of a GREAT NEW ZEALANDER!!!

Kevin K says:

comment #500!!!

Joe Bluhm says:

Thank you for sharing the kind, strange, talented, and odd people of the world. Irish is a gem. What an experience!!! Thank you.

MJS Golf says:

Another EAL classic. The people you meet make the films. Irish is a character with one hell of a story that he was not ready to tell. The committee member had another story. Why do I live 2 miles from where I was born ! I need to get me a story.

Nick says:

PLEASE go to Cabot Links in Nova Scotia!!!

qnpmh says:


Duncan Clark says:

What date were these filmed on?

Ryan Taylor says:

Loving these NZ videos. I play Kaitaia regularly, it is one of my favourite courses. If you are ever back in NZ, I’m the Superintendent at Gulf Harbour Country Club in Auckland, we would happily have you out on the course.

Christine Seiber says:

6:34 but what is the dog's name?!

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