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This is the Senna Golf Tee Par 3 Birdie Challenge.

A lot of people think of Harold Calubid as Long Beach's best short iron and wedge player so I invited him and my buddy Nick (a +2 handicap) out to play a par 3 challenge. Harold went to Fresno State on a golf scholarship and is now a professional. This week he'll play in the Monday Qualifier for the Puerto Rico Open on the PGA Tour. He is 19 or 20 years old I think. I've know him for a while and if you look back on my channel you'll see a video I shot of him shooting 69 at the long beach open when he was 17.

In this format only birdies count, who ever has the most at the end is the big winner.


Justin Rentz says:

The brendon guy is an idiot

Robbie White says:

Tough to score on Par 3's. You guys should have putted out and see what you could shoot. Great short game practice to grind on a par 3 course.

jts024 says:

Damn that looks fun as hell

Allen Tompkins says:

I'm new at the game. and just got a house that has a par 3 in the backyard. what iron should I use?

Max Avery says:

I LOVE Harold's swing! Any tips for having a shorter follow through like him?

raymond dacanay says:

that guys a pro?

Green H. says:

What is so good about standing tall?

Ashton Denton says:

I enjoyed watching this arrogant dude hit some of the worst strikes I've seen on youtube. You just got a subscriber for the joke of this.

Golf Buddy says:

Pros rarely leave birdie putts short

Jed ward says:

Bad golf. I blame the tees.

Rezo says:

Just bought the tees.. I've been getting annoyed of finding broken tees to use on the par 3 tee boxes!

Toxic Headshot says:

6 02 wtf is that swing ? ?he is so bent over and so far from the inside what about the finish ?

CoupeAudi1990 says:

Awful putts 😀

Gaming_and_hunting says:

Don't pause on your back swing…messes the hole shot up

thecoolestdad says:

I would have preferred to hear you say each hole what club you were using. I am a 4 1/2 month beginner and I need to know the clubs that would best for the yard distance.

DodgeArts says:

Harolds shoes look about 10 sizes too big

Ey b0ss says:

Harold keeps the club soo close to his body

SearchBucket2 says:

Aspiring golf pro's are like aspiring lottery winners ….

FaqUrNwoBS says:

night golfing sounds fuuun !

Peter123 says:

Omg why you guys playing so bad…?

Thomas Lee says:

where did you get those nike irons. really want them

Sterling Bryant says:

"Stunning shot" …if u don't care what u shoot

Lance Luther says:

Many good points of your swing; poor lower body movement is what "I" see, very little weight shift on the backswing followed by you seeming to "stop" your hips from rotating on your downswing

BUT!!! overall a very, very above average swing!!

Adam Daigneault says:

is your downswing supposed to be incredibly steeper than your backswing?

gmonkey808 says:

much better at 8.27

gmonkey808 says:

@4.22 look how held off you are compared to the young guy in the follow through.

Drew Harding says:

your swing is not good enough to have a youtube channel

Get Back To Golf says:

this was awesome. I just subbed and liked. keep up the great work. I just got back into golf from a 10 year lay off wow so much i've missed huh? catching up now

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