“Golf Pitching Lesson” Better Contact and Distance Control

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myswingevolution . says:

Gabe, you’re the best golf personality on YouTube! This stuff is just
great and I’m very proud of your work.

PureSwingTV says:

Leave a comment on what tips have helped you with short game or any
questions you have:) 

3rdgroove says:

Brett Rumford, James Siekmann and Gabriel… Sorry how do you spell his
last name?
I also like Pete Cowen very much.

Kevin mc donnell says:

absolutely brilliant vid, so clear and informative

Hudson Harris says:

Hey gabe I was wondering if u could do a WITB

CnCsQuArEdSD says:

I’m a self proclaimed short game wizard (not really but feel confident in
my abilities) I learned a lot from Paul Azingers material and Raymond
Floyd, his book 60 yards and in, worth checking out. Game changer imo one
of the best short game in recent history.

Small Town Golf says:

Hi Gabe, Andrew Rice teaches (with trackman) that he would like to see just
a little bit of draw spin on a pitch shot. Are you going against that or do
you agree with that, but would prefer to see cut spin as you come closer to
the green? Here’s the video right here…

Alistair Jones says:

Gabe, you’re morphing in to Sean Foley …

Aidan Mcauley says:

Your cats need CPR

Mateoknez8 says:

A lot underestimate short game practice. Thanks for the drill!

Connor Targonski says:

Could you do a video on about getting stuck in the downswing? Keep up the
good work!

romeojo says:

Have any drills to keep your wrist flat instead of cupping? thank in

UnwantedExplosion says:

Hey Gabe, could you go over proper wedge gapping and the benefits and
negatives of maybe going 52 58 64 vs 52 56 60 ? 

Matthew Schawel says:

Great video Gabe! Definitely going to use these drills once the warm
weather comes my way!

Tron Bennett says:

I watched James Siekman’s video with Ben Crane about two years ago and it
transformed my short game. Best chipping technique I’ve come across and a
huge reason why I’m a scratch player.

colby johnson says:

Great video and where you have the camera set up is amazing perfect viewing

Wesley Gurusamy says:

Nice panning shoots Gabe .. Fluid head is doing its job

Santiago Velasquez says:

the best video ever gabe!!!

Tryn Titus says:

Looks like its time for a new whats in the bag!!

Tuna Sami says:

Thank you Gabriel! 

Taylor Carter says:

I feel like you do the greatest job on teaching stuff I want to male videos
like that. What do I need to become a good you tuber golfer I did what’s in
the bag what tips can you give me to help people with different shots and
stuff tips would help me out I need a shout out to get my name out there 

Twook Pressley says:

Yo it’s Connor can you text me I lost your number. 

inc2000 says:

Great stuff!! Thanks!

DoctorJedi says:

What club are you using? 

The Starvist says:

Where’s the flood Gabe?

ewan preedit says:

So damn professional

Tryn Titus says:

Gabe did you get a new set of wedges?

MrAdamson07 says:

If you ever need some startup capital and looking for investors let me know
Gabe. I like your style!

golf raven says:

Gabe, do you take the club slightly outside or as usual? Nice video and
specs, cheers.

Santiago Golf says:

New Wedges?

mc156 says:

i keep seeing online and on youtube that an in to out swing is the best for
pitches and long chip shots. I don’t know what to belieb

Blake Ring-Fish says:

Great videos man. I’m always watching. My fav vids are the course vlogs.
I’d like to buy some MTI gloves or accessories anything to help.

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