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This video is about how to hit pitch or pitching shots from two different lies. We'll cover how to hit from rough lies and tight lies. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.





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Golf Pitching Tips – Hitting From 2 Different Lies:

How to hit the ball then the turf with your irons:

How far should you stand to the golf ball:

Golf Driver Takeaway Drills:
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Scratch Golf Academy says:

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Jim McDonald says:

Interesting. I knew the two lies are different and need to be handled differently, but this really brought the point home. Thanks much!

Martin Tierney says:

Thanks Adam. I watched your hands in both slo-mo’s. Your hands were in line with the shaft and your belt buckle on both impacts rather than leading. I believe you may have covered this same hand position for bunker shots. I did tend to lead the hands in both situations but since centering the hands the ball comes out a lot cleaner.

melvin sacromentoe says:

Hey Adam, I think I am accidentally adding to much loft to my wedges/irons during swing. Really struggling with this I only hit my 56 like 50 yards

ricodegranby says:

Love your videos. Keep going. THANKS a lot

W R Butler says:

Brilliant. Thank you! Nothing more frustrating than ruining a magnificent iron shot toward the green than following up with a clunk chip shot that zings OVER the green and on the opposite side!

Bruce says:

Thanks again Adam as always very good information

Michael Stothard says:

Great video as always Adam, love your technique and execution, absolute Legend! ?

Bob Stjern says:

Off the fairway with a sand wedge, that technique has skull written all over it.

John M Blake says:

??‍♂️How to hit off pine straw and limbs blocking a wedge loft?

Time Is Money says:

Love your channel and your content. could be the best ive found on youtube to help my game.

deldridg says:

Thank you again Adam – long time golfer here with a scratch short game, but not so scratch on the long game at present after a bad hand injury (tablesaw) in Jan. Love the point about not needing to lag the club in the fluffy lie – something I'd not really thought much about previously. I will take that to my next practice session! In a tight lie situation, I'm always very careful to note the position of my shoulders relative to the ground (make them more parallel) so to help make more of a tangent at impact. For an uphill lie, I will tilt my shoulders uphill – almost parallel to the ground where the ball is and the same for other lies.

Love your channel and when my hand is in better shape, I will look at taking some of your online courses. Cheers and regards from Sydney, Australia – Dave

Juho Pesiö says:

Thank you for the great tips again Adam. Trying to transfer these advices to the course. Greetings from Finland ???

reuk says:

Love to watch more on short game topics ?️

BobC777 says:

These videos make me want to move to Naples! I notice you move your feet pretty close together for these little pitches – something that I find helps me as well. Thanks!

Bodybuilding TV says:

Great video on the different lies for pitching. This is always a thought when I'm standing behind the ball about to make a pitch shot. Thanks!

Robert Connell says:

Thanks Adam, glad your doing more videos again, always nice presentation.

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