Golf Pivot or Body Turn

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Gregory Edwards says:

I couldn't get my head back behind the ball, this was the only swing thought and drill that has now allowed me to do it! thanks

Michael Ardelean says:

Is there any concerns about going down too far and having the club bottom out before the ball with this sort of lean with the right shoulder?

Troy Paradiso says:

I can’t do this without chunking the $h1t out of the ground… all well and good to show us WHAT they are doing but HOW they are doing it and actually hitting shots with it is where the magic is eh Bobby!? ???

Nike Golfer says:

If you try to keep the right hip higher than the left while you rotate at least until P-6 then you'll keep tush line.

It's all about pelvic tilt.

Scott Sanders says:

Sergio's shoulders don't get steep until impact, while your students shoulders get steeper much earlier, but he is maintaining the tush line better. Sergio plays off the elbow plane which is why he doesn't rock his shoulders like someone who plays off the shoulder plane…

Gj Pound says:

another great video bob ,hope you can ake it to the uk some time.

Ed Lasater says:

Bobby, your student and all the pros you should moved there weight/pressure into their lead heel which pushed their lead hip back and allowing them to keep right side and front bend

Youngsun Kim says:

pivotting is all about golf swing. awsome video as always! I like your humor!

Philip Martin says:

The Fanny in the U.K. Is a woman's snatch ??

Anthony Viola says:

I benefited Bobby from this drill that you gave me to do a couple of months ago! Great drill Bobby! Yes Capiesh!

Jer H says:

Bobby, ask them to stand taller at address about 2 inches from the chair with their butt more under them. Don't have them start touching the chair. Then they can have the left hip go back down and around and it will touch the chair. If you start with your butt out you will goat hump, so just flip the sequence. Cheers bud

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