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Golf Playing Lesson AskGolfGuru Crediton GC, Mark Crossfield, Kevin Harper and James Wiltshire play some hole around Crediton Golf Club and talk about how they get around the golf course and some of the shot choices they make on the course. The Gorilla has been released onto the golf course as he tries to compete with Kevin and Mark. Watch as the 3 golf PGA professional hit tee shots, irons shots, chip shots and putts as they try to make pars, birdies and save bogeys. Play your best golf with AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield and his team of professionals.



Dave Jones says:

Tiverton used to thrive with local money re-circulating back into locals
pockets to make the locals better off finacially. Tesco uppclass investors
from london and Dubai have now firmly brainwashed the young minds thriugh
commercialism. Peolpes choices have been taken away from them through
theses paracites. No local employment for local kids who wish to start up
their own small business enterprize. Tesco and Sainsburys are buying up
commecial properties to stop local competion. Local councils sting you for
town parking…its all an upperclass racket masterminded by the upperclass
government.Buisness model are drawn up and they kno the destruction theses
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tscos takes from Tiverton. Supermarkets are in your area for one reason and
one reason only MONEY.

Supermarkets an American idea from Harvard Univeersity.

John Brown says:

11:07 in the back ground you can hear a 12 Gauge letting rip with both
barrels! Just as James hits his putt! It’s the GUNS! 

Fn3Putt says:

what the hell is harper wearing hahah

Jacek Lambach says:

Which ping putter is Mark using does anyone know ? 

HeidisBrother says:

Going back and watching this vlog, its funny how serious everyone is…fast
forward to the Portugal vlogs and theres giggle fits, farting, etc LOL. 

Anthony C says:

Love the videos from the course. Keep em coming.

paul hutchinson says:

Great to watch good players.

TheStagmeister says:

great stuff!!!!

mihyaerusan says:

Hi Mark, luv the vids, especially those on the courses. Did you change your
fairway wood or is it still the ping anser and you’re just using a
different shaft? And still another question: Do you have any
recommendations for one-handed golf? I happen to have some friends who are
interested in playing, but because of accidents etc. lost parts of one arm.
I’d be very grateful for any inspiration in that respect. Cheers!

Lee (formerly Cahnt) says:

Kevin sounds like Big Keith from The Office!

Ryan Patterson says:

Heya mark you should drop into dumfries and galloway golf club when you are
in Scotland it’s.

Steve Evans says:

What a hat Kevin. Reminds me of Bill and Ben the flower pot men! Great

Always Be Shooting says:

“Kevin’s got the the DRIVER! He doesn’t care. He’s living the dream. With
his hat.” LOL!

Kyle Thibeault says:

Really loved this video too guys. More like this please.

x513xSparks says:

Jesus man, that first 2 iron swing!

Matthieu Sicard says:

What are your shoes mark ?

jppongo06 says:

Awesome video! cant wait for the rest of it!

Marc J says:

Do more of these?

Ade el LoCo says:

Brilliant as always Mark.

Joshua La Fond says:

Kevin’s outfit lmao caddyshack

randomyoutubename002393 says:

those greens look like fairways

Jonah Jordening says:

I like these types of videos

itubeutude says:

what handicaps are the other guys on?

theMANxGOLFER says:

Good tips hidden in the video about hitting a downhill lie and yardage
card. Mark seemed to be the only one frustrated about missing the line on
the amateur side on hole 2. I’d like to request a video about lag putting.
Taking a larger backswing seems to mess with my putting tempo some days,
and it would be interesting to see Mark’s pre-putt routine on longer putts.
This would be a dream 3 threesome to join as a walk on single. PS. Love the

Andrew Rodger says:

I agree.

Q Whit says:

The kid’s got such a beautiful swing

MaRbLeChEeSe1 says:

How on earth do you hit a 2 iron…

Michael Lawson says:

Is that the guy from Twilight?

Deadwuvly says:

I got 99 problems but a pitch aint 1!

PingDrv00 says:

Can you do a what’s in the bag for Gorilla James?

iThrowTantrum says:


Mububban23 says:

That truly is a terrible hat 🙂

stickydoulja4201 says:

It probably means part of the tee box is being repaired so they move the
tees to the part that isn’t being fixed. At least that is what they do
sometimes on courses I go to.

illConfirmed says:

you need more of these please!

John Veliz says:

i see your mercurials just like me huge soccer fan and golf fan

Jonas Nørby says:

but yes you have right in this video he got the pros i think

Nic Rep says:

@billycuth he is only 184cm. I think mark and James are a bit short

Kyle Thibeault says:

Does Kevin hit a g20?

Harry Lownes says:

Hey Matt, I hope you respond. I love your videos, they are extremely
helpful and you are making the game of golf easier to all of your viewers.
Your lessons have taught elm

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