GOLF Playing Lesson with MO MISCHOOK

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In this golf course vlog, I get a playing lesson from 4-time Eaton Club Champion, Maurice “Mo” Mischook!

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Jeremiah Hounshell says:

Enjoyed this format. Relaxed golf is always better golf!

rorlieb says:

This gentleman gets it. More of Mo, please.

Ryuichi Tsubuku says:

Wow! I will try to look at the hole while putting!!!

Dennis S says:

I love the "more club less effort" philosophy. So simple. but our pride keep us from fully embracing.

Ashton Lewandowski says:

I feel like I'm playing the original Golf Club game watching the first minute of this video! Soundtrack sounds familiar.

Steve Kent says:

Christo, I noticed on some of your putts you were swinging your putter on an arc. Looks like you have a centre balanced putter i.e. it’s designed for a straight back and straight through path.

When you change your putting technique to look at the hole, this helps to promote a straight back and straight through path which is how your putter was designed to be used. Mo has a centre balanced putter as well.

I putt looking at the hole as well. Putting then becomes all about feel which makes putting natural.

Scott Willi says:

Moe seems like he would be very relaxing to play with.

dillingerexcape87 says:

This is one of my favorite videos of yours. I honestly don't have the same swing philosophy as you do but its great to watch you improve. You're swing is looking niiiiiiccccceeeeee!!!!!!

Matthew Hoevel says:

That’s how I putt. Improved my game dramatically. Nice to see others do it too

john yi says:

You need to re-title, “The Legend of Mo Mischook.” I love how he simply focuses on visualization and getting out of your own way. Please share more with Mo!

leftydan1 says:

Great vid we could all learn alot from Moe. Very laid back guy everything looks relaxed. Really showes up in his chipping and putting nice smooth stroke.

Shane Curlee says:

Nice video. More with mo please

Ed Floody says:

He looks like he has a weak grip not that it matters if its working for him. I just never see it. Taking more club is great if you're playing 5,600 yards. If your group plays over 6,200 and you're coming in with woods you'll struggle for sure.

555Trout says:

That was great. The cage veteran passing on some nuggets.

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