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How would you like to drive the ball really far in golf?! How do we reach the longer holes in two? If you're looking to access more speed in the golf swing, this video on Golf Power Secret | The Power L is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game boiled down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. For those wanting to maximize their motion, we'll cover how to generate speed with our shoulders, while improving key fundamentals! Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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Steve Fowler says:

Another tremendous video…I only have one question/comment…at 4:17 in your slowmo bad swing I noticed your left foot standing on your tip toes to complete the swing…I realize it was an unattended effect but as the youngest new long hitters on the PGA tour are using that technique I was just curious if you have looked at that phenomena and what you might think of it?

MoonSaphire says:

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bhasfire says:

Question: so are you supposed to swing with your right arm or is it just the movement of it? I thought you were only supposed to swing with the left arm?

Mike Hsu says:

Best vid ever

ben gurion says:

good instructions BUT it would be better if he used the terms " lead" and " trail" instead of left and right. this is confusing to flefties

mdavy1 says:


jordan19862000 says:

I drive it 340 yards. No way I'm adding "56 yards" to that unless I go to a long driver

James Gaus says:

Great video. This is exactly what I've been doing wrong. I've paid $$ to try correcting my casting issue with only marginal improvement. Your explanation is on point. I'm headed to the range tomorrow and hope to see positive results in added yardage soon.

kyle procter says:

This should be titled the power snap hook move

Michael Valdivia says:

Nice. Do you also release irons this way … down/through or hold the L?

Mango says:

Clay, what are you using the capture the shot like that onto ipad?

402RFC says:

excellent video with the description and the slow motion inset!

DASH1ful says:

surely it is just a matter of releasing with the left side of the right forearm. when a player releases with the right side of the forearm they do have to cast and come over the ball to release thru with the right side of the arm.
the upper part of the right arm does need to connect with the right side of the body on the way down, as you say. the body is used as a pivotal point to release the club- with the left side of the right forearm.

Jancen says:

Hi Clay, are you using a G20 driver?

David Wisemantel says:

Great illustration here clay. You can see that even although you start the swing with your lower body you still lose lag by straightening the right arm early. One thing I struggle with on this drill is leaving the club face open. Any suggestions?

Wesley Pardue says:

Clay, thank you for these instructional videos. I 100% believe in what you are teaching, and your system. I continued to play golf for 18 months through a lower back injury. To compensate I have gotten into the exact casting/over the top motion you demonstrated, and I have lost a ton of distance. Unfortunately, it's been incredibly frustrating trying to fight those 18 months of bad "muscle memory" and get back to a good swing. Your drills will get me there eventually. Thank you.

Mango Man says:

Nice work as always Clay. Just wondering how I tie this in with the arrow drill that you've done in a previous video. I feel that in order to get my hands working away from the target to start the downswing, to pull the imaginary arrow out of the quiver, my right elbow needs to separate from my body. What sort of middle ground should I look for between that drill and this one?

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