Golf Putting Tips: Make a Perfect Roll in 2 Minutes!!
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I bet you have tried time and time again to get your golf ball to roll perfectly across the greens? Why is it so hard to get the ball to stop skipping, hopping, or bouncing on the turf?

Well it can be as easy as ball position. Once you have the perfect putting mat that is!!

This video will show you how you can roll your ball perfectly every time by getting the perfect ball position. This will get you sinking more putts and making more money off your friends than you ever thought possible.

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10 thoughts on “Golf Putting Tips: Make a Perfect Roll in 2 Minutes!!

  1. To be more precise in my criticism, are you teaching a good putting stroke
    or selling a product? You are putting here on an astro-turf surface which
    is backed with a 1 inch thick rubber mat. It is very “bouncy”. Then you
    intentionally strike downward or upward on the ball and of course it now
    bounces. That does not happen on a regular green at a golf course. You guys
    don’t believe it? Fling your golf ball down into the mat and watch it
    bounce up pretty high. Get your face out of the way. Now go outside and do
    the same thing on a green. It goes “thunk” and barely gets above your
    shoes. Another thing, you guys keep pushing putters with 4 or 5 degrees of
    loft. Why? Try zero loft instead. If the idea is to roll the ball why is
    there any loft needed? This loft nonsense started back when reporters were
    asking Bobby Jones about his putter, Calamity Jane. It had some loft on it
    and ever since everyone had to have a putter like Jones’. Well, guess what,
    you, I and everyone else ain’t Bobby Jones. Now, is your mat a bad product?
    Nope. It has some good things there but 60 bucks for an 8 inch x 9 foot
    piece of cloth? I can make the same thing in my garage after a visit to the
    nearest JoAnn Fabrics shop and do it for less than 5 bucks. Now, if you
    guys want to make some money it’s ok with me but try to get a bit more

  2. Good stuff. I had a pro tell me to move the ball back and move my hands
    forward (away from my body). Looked weird but made me a better putter. One
    thing I do that others also do is when I think I am aiming at the hole, I
    am consistntly four inches left of the hole. What can I do to correct my
    inaccurate “sight picture?”

  3. Let me save you 8 minutes. If your putts skip, move the ball back in your
    stance 1″. If that makes it worse, move it up 1″ in your stance. This will
    help get the ball rolling on top of the grass.

    Now you have 8 minutes to spoon your wife.

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