Golf Rules Quiz

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Elle2528 says:

i would not like to be in this group!

Roy Norman says:

What a stupid irritating video!!!

Rasputin770 says:

If it was me in this group, there’s no doubt in my mind that by hole 3 I
would have wrapped my 9 iron around Colin’s stupid fuckin head the old cunt

nobodyatall80 says:

This is a joke guys

John Mitchell says:

Check the answers out in the R&A Rules of Golf. Every golfer should keep
one in their golf bag! You should be able to pick one up from your golf
pro. They’re usually free of charge. 

Nate Vincent says:

Very nicely done, while I can’t root for the Europeans in the Ryder Cup I
can root for you three, rest in peace Collin, 

Neil Jerzynek says:

it’s not meant to be but this is soooooooooooooo funny

Neil Jerzynek says:


Cayman King says:

No penalty for Grahm. He was playing from the yellow tees. 

Curt Hoopingarner says:

Waste of time to watch since they DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS! 

64u54u46wj says:

is the first one here somewhere??

Ron Jeffries says:


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