Golf Setup Routine Tip: How to Sequence your Golf Posture, Club Face, and Golf Feet Position

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Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy, explains how to create a routine that will allow you to properly address the golf ball every time. To discuss this golf tip with other golfers and share your own, leave a comment below. We look forward to your feedback.

I'm Ted Norby, Director of Instruction for the National University Golf Academy. What I'm going to talk about today is routine of setting up to the ball. Lots of people have issues with:

1. Alignment
2. How far I should be from the ball

And it's because they're sequence of getting into the ball is usually wrong. The average player, from a bad posture, usually will kind of put their club down at the ball kind of take their grip and their feet and then they'll start trying to set into posture. Well if start standing straight up and down, I'm a different distance from the ball as I would be from posture. If you look at the best players they got through pretty much the same routine every time. They will set their posture then they're going to set their club face down the target line. Then they're going to set their feet underneath their hips staying in this posture the whole time. That's what gives me distance from the ball, especially so they got 13 different clubs that I'm hitting with my posture and the length of the club dictates how far from the ball I am.

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So if I set my posture then I set the clubface down the target line then I can go ahead and set my feet with ball position and alignment with my club face, I'm going to be in a pretty good position every time. What most people do is their walk in with bad posture, kind of set their club down, then they set their feet, then they kind of set themselves into posture. As I go through the proper routine of posture, clubface then your feet, you can set your grip at any time during that. There are a lot of players that will have their grip done, then they set their posture, club face, feet. Others will just go in with one hand or the other, set their posture, set the club face, then their grip then their feet. Others will go posture, clubface, feet, then they'll go ahead and set their grip. So the timing of where the grip occurs doesn't really matter. What does matter is the posture gives me my distance to the ball, then I set the club face down the target line for alignment. Now I'm setting my feet to that club face while staying in that posture. If we set that routine every time we're going to get our distance to the ball and we're going to be a lot better balanced. Watch the tour players, both the LPGA and the PGA tour and you're going to see this sequence happen every time.


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Adrian Leman says:

Thankyou MR Norby,this has been my fault.seen many coaches not one noticed this.

Gary Trethewey says:

Have been following your videos for sometime, with great results,feeling so relaxed when preparing for each shot recalling your tips from the various videos.Now reached singles figures.Thankyou.

Timm .Miller says:

Good informational video……Thanks bud

Joshua Church says:

I'm definitely in the referenced 'bad posture' group, dropping my club first and then trying to figure the rest out after -with VERY inconsistent results. Can't wait to try this instead!

Happy Gilmore says:

Great video!

jc6901 says:

Didn't really address how the arms should hang, that also sets the distance from the ball.  Generally the arms shouldn't be reaching out but comfortably straight down right?

trev2211 says:

Nothing on club head alignment  … that's more important than anything !!

Jim Wuellner says:

Good routine.   I routinely shoot in the 80's however one of my bigger issues is setting my posture with appropriate distance from the ball.  Result is usually a thin or chunked shot.

Guillermo Ayan says:

I appreciate your tips very much, Ted.  In many of your videos, you address relatively simple, yet essential things that many other instructors out there do not.  Thank you!

Coochicoo says:

So obvious. Yet I've been doing it wrong. Very helpful, thanks.

rackum44 says:

As far as for alignment.

rackum44 says:

Good vid. I thought setting the body is more important then the feet.

Raymond31923 says:

Excellent tip! Thanks –

veryspecialsteve says:

Do you guys take on many international students for golf scholarships?

Allen Schulman says:

The best tip of the summer ! Did it today and FINALLY shot 79….Thanks !!! It feels so comfortable and allows you to swing freely.

National University Golf Academy says:

My pleasure, bizallin, and thank you for the kind words.

Michael d says:

Brilliant my friend, thank you.

National University Golf Academy says:

My pleasure and thank you for the kind words Maya

National University Golf Academy says:

My pleasure, Mahavishnu80, and thank you for the kind words.

Mahavishnu80 says:

very logical thank you.

National University Golf Academy says:

You're very welcome, timbakersr. Let us know how it goes.

timbakersr says:

I've been doing it all wrong I think this will greatly help me thank you so much

National University Golf Academy says:

My pleasure and thank you for the kind words @bizallin.

Michael d says:

Excellent advice…thank you

National University Golf Academy says:

My pleasure.

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