GOLF: Shallow Your Downswing With These Four Feels

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Shallow Your Downswing With These Four Feels


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Should you shallow your downswing with your arms and hands or with your body? The reality is some of you have been steep for too long and have not been able to fix your golf swing with just your body motions. It is okay to shallow the golf club with your arms and hands FIRST and then work in the body rotation.

In this video I’m giving you four feels you can use – two with your left hand and two with your right – to shallow your downswing.

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Mark Turriff says:

Sorry Eric – not clear at all – I’m heading back to Chris

Dollar Bill Clinton says:

Left the driving range early to get a front row seat to the live Monday Show,,,,,,,,?

Gordon Vance says:

Love the ‘feels’ approach

xNIKEGOLFx says:

Best golf instruction videos on YouTube by far ??

Conservatards says:

Eric, are you familiar with Topbloke Golf Vlogs? Well, if not, you are the opposite of all of the UK golf channels being lampooned. This channel is no bullshit, just in depth analysis. Please don't change if you get a cushy equipment deal.

The PNW Rider says:

Great tips.

charly yoo says:

Four different feels but it’s the same exact thing. I’m assuming 1 & 2 are feels for people who feel left hand dominance and 3 & 4 are for right hand dominant people.

Miguel Lemme says:

great vid Eric!
the loop will increase the speed and distance ? right?

Mark Nielsen says:

Always the best golf instruction by far… Thanks Eric!!! There is one thing that is good to note with attempting to get students to shallow club that have been steep for a very long time… as you know… it's that the clubface will be open from being paired with the old swing. Usually when doing any of these 4 feels the face will come through wide open and the mind knows it needs to get it closed/square so it will override attempts to shallow and feel goofy and impossible. Combining these feels/drills with a super closed grip and the feeling of hitting out to right field seems to help for me. But that's just my two cents and likely naive compared to all your experiences teaching. Open clubface can ruin all efforts to reprogram swing/rotation moves – one of two things happen… 1) new swing move is done correctly but the open face causes ball to fly right/slice or 2) last second attempt to square face is done by circumventing the new move and returning to stopping rotation and coming over the top. I know you have done several vids about this face issue and though it might be good to mention.

Glenn Watson says:

I got my first two Up-gloves last week. So far so good.

Marc Chitryn says:

Another superb video…thank you. I’ve always been back of left down then up. Also like to feel hands higher back and lower down ?

Solidfox82 says:

Hi Eric, great vid as always, I have been trying to fix my body motion and early extension for sometime, I did notice I was slightly steep on the down swing when recording myself the other day, Could this be a cause to my early extension?

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