Golf Swing Analysis Off Sides

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83DCB says:

I've been having issues with early extension, excessive lateral movement toward the target causing me back pain, inconsistancy and bunch of other problems. This by far has been the best remedy for all these issues. I focus now on staying behind the ball and I can't early extend if I try, no more chicken wing, I'm nice and balanced at the finish, no more revers C and pressure on lower back. Amazing thanks Bobby you saved me.


guy on the left is in more trouble too with his equipment, geez that soft flex at the bottom is trouble as well. he needs something a lil stiffer.

stackleft says:

If you don't move forward how do you shift your weight?

parman67 says:

Another great video Bobby, your full shoulder turn, move off the ball in the backswing, pull down, staying onsides stuff has helped me hugely. My yardage is way up with no loss of accuracy. So a big thank you and I'll be subscribing to your website.

chubby chequer says:

I thought pulling down deepens the shaft plane and gets the club steep?

Rexx Engineering says:

Bobby – it's clear from watching your videos that good players don't go offsides. But, there is a big difference between knowing and doing. Many amateurs do go offsides. I know I move my head forward, causing loss of lag and low point too far forward. But fixing it seems hopeless. I set up with tilt and I keep it going back. Then I lose it in transition, every time. Occasionally I try so hard to stay back, I collapse to the right. I seem to feel very out of balance in that tilt. Very awkward, not in equilibrium. I see the ball from a strange angle and my brain doesn't like it. My body wants to be more straight up, my eyes want to be level, not all tilted. How do I work on this?

Wesley England says:

Balogna, watch Gary Player hit the ball. He doesn't hang back. Tried this hanging back and hooked everything off the planet.

Anthony Viola says:

Great video Bobby! I Capeesh! Madone have to practice this until I have it down to submission.

Chip Ganger says:

A very helpful video for me, I'm not as bad as the guy but I've a long way to go to have a swing like the young lady. I understood your analogy of off sides although I know nothing of American football. In the rest of the world we call football what Americans call soccer, also there is off side in rugby union and rugby league so golfers around the world will understand your terminology.

poe's ReLiC says:

It takes a good amount of flexibility to do that move

Denny Hasson says:

Love your vids and description of the swing. Use your lessons to help me.

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