Golf Swing Basics for the Most Power and Accuracy Part 2

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Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA finish setting you up for a super efficient power golf swing. Paying attention to all the fine detail here will pay dividends in the long run as the way you set up will greatly diminish the number of bad swing behaviors you can make.

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Kevin Hartman says:

It looks like there's some right knee flex but little if any for the left (forward) knee. Is this correct?

Kyle Smith says:

I thought that guy left the MA swing philosophy

HachiZenki says:

Here's another point: I notice most people today including pros have very pronounced knee bends in their stance promoting a very forward, on the balls of the feet body position.

Chili Dippa Golf says:

Steve, would you tee up the ball a little higher if you were playing it off the left toe vs the left heal with the driver?

Bassquatch_53 says:

Hitting a smidge down or level improves overall accuracy with the driver. Which is why pros do it.

Olivier Bert says:

Stop moving and zooming the camera for a better understanding please.

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