Golf Swing Body Turn Golf Lesson

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Golf Swing Body Turn Golf Lesson with Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark talks body turn and how to get the most out of your shoulder turn and hip turn. Play your best golf with improved impact and stroke which can be directly controlled through your body turn. Easy to follow golf tips, drills and lessons from Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru.

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itubeutude says:

I’m surprised you didn’t mention anything about his right foot.

Roland Paterson says:

Nursing a sore throat there Mr C. 1, 2, 3, Ahhhhh

john pom says:

Hi mark . The chances of you seeing this are slim but if you do could you
consider doing a review on the Nike vr v-rev wedges please I recently
bought them and would like to know a bit more about them and if they where
worth my while ( il admit I didn’t want to leave the shop empty handed )
but the seemed to feel good to me . Maybe a comparison video of the Nike vr
v-rev wedges & some sort of titleist wedges or mizuno ETC ETC . Thanks mark

Jenkin Wong says:

Will you show us drills on how to maintain spine stability sharing swing.
Tks and love your videos.

Apsida says:

Thanks for sending a few extra vid`s out. There is often an extra idea in
them for me.

JazzyWink says:

Seeing as you think you know it all where’s your channel so we can all
watch your videos and you can enlighten us with your superior knowledge? I
guess also if you know it all why are you watching these videos? Marks
video is highlighting a big problem in the swing. It has no relevance what
the guy is wearing, he could be wearing a mankini. It really does not
matter. Working on his head movement would I imagine also stop such a
dynamic lower body movement which I believe your referring to? You can’t
teach the guy everything all at once.

JazzyWink says:

Does it really matter what he’s wearing? Haha, and he’s obviously at the
driving range. Some people are ridiculous, don’t help him out he’s wearing
track suit bottoms! Idiot!

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