Golf Swing Consistency Secrets

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Jeff Banfield says:

No wonder, I have been doing a 9 to 5….smh.

Michael Thomas says:

0:36. We got Tai Lopez up in here

Kort Kleinman says:

The biggest fraud in the history of golf

barry gibb says:

I like his liberal use of brylcreem. He has that 1962 look.

poida smith says:

There's an awesome video where Sean shows how some people use the left arm improperly and "fake a turn" …. It's just a part of a video clip where he primarily shows how to coil the right butt cheek and right shoulder blade back to coil properly and I can't find it. It's a free content video on YouTube I think, any help locating it would be appreciated. Thank you.

Victor Quinton says:

Whats with the glasses with no lenses?

David J says:

The world's greatest golf coach! And I wish I was assisting him.

Jordan Sheppherd says:

If you close your eyes and listen, is it just me, or does he sound like Matt Damon?

Jordan Sheppherd says:

I can't get over the glasses.

sandwah9 says:

This guy is the most overrated know-nothing of all time, esp with his weirdo glasses.

Graham Ramsdale says:

All you guys are too critical. Anyone who reaches this level has worked extremely hard to get there, and I imagine like most of us Sean came from humble beginnings.

Daniel Bell says:

My left or your left ?

Rudi Claes says:

This is helpfull!

Aphinant Tantiwatana says:

I believe the best consistency swing is a controlled swing, it is that you don't throw your club at the ball, you draw it pass through the ball, while also importantly minimizing all moving parts of your body. The best representative in men's swings is Adam Scott's, he has big shoulder turn but minimum hip turn, that is to stabilize lower body during swing and that achieves accuracy and thus consistency. My advice is to control your urge to hit hard, and try to hit it softly when you drill.

james eadie says:

such negativity . . ! Its a golf video , this guys not responsible for the worlds screw ups .  .

Todd Kanzenbach says:

Nice video.

Jeffrey Ena says:

The coach who screwed up the best golfer of all time

No Here Kruger says:

Or in other words, the Moe Norman.

Cliff Freeman says:

Sound advice, from Sean. Can take 6 months for any major change to fit into your golf swing. All up to you, and how much you want to lower your HD.? says:

Great insight into the golf process!

Ewen Paterson says:

nice drill, given me some alternative approach shots to the green too.

Mike B says:

Something we all want. More consistency.

Jeffrey Moore says:

This has helped a ton!.

Charle De gaulle says:

This guy is a fucking fraud. Take of those glasses and stop serving this bullshit

harbin guy says:

why is he so dark?

Drew Filson says:

Great golf teacher, whose students include Captain America, Iron Man, Dead Pool, and Silver Surfer.

Mirthon Manon says:

I tried this… you said if you hit your 8 iron 160yds, this will go 100 yds.  Well, I tried it with my SW which I hit about 110, and doing this, I was still hitting between 100 and 110. Not sure if I'm doing it right.

Filipe Teixeira says:

Can you say Dr. Ronaldo

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