Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release (DO THESE!)

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This video is about Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release For Golf. For more golf tips and drills please make sure to check out For more golf lessons and instructions please click the “Show More” button below.




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Golf Swing Drills To Stop Early Release

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김도선 says:

Thank you so much. It is very good with the illustrated professional golfer's swing and detailed and neat explanation.

bogeyman0357 says:

thanks, this video has greatly improved my swing speed.

Oliver McKinley says:

Your videos are always great mr. Bazzelget. You explain things really well and I never miss one of your posts.

Kent Irwin says:

Great video, you explain and demonstrate things so understandably, helps a lot.

jeff says:

Great drill Adam! Handle breaking beam great mental image.

Santiago Giuntoli says:

As I saw on the comment section I must include myself on the list of people wanting a video on power/distance adjustment when it comes to Sands, Pitches and Wedges on approach!

Kindest of regards to you, and thank you very much for all this absolute golden videos! Made my game so much more satisfying and enjoyable; and that is isn't a small thing as I find therapy in golf LOL.


Wow The leaf analogy is the best visual instruction i have ever seen Adam its changed my game after becoming ball bound.

Oscar Mayer says:

Thanks – will give it a try!

Gideon says:

Hope you’re still responding to these… I started doing this on the last 4 holes I played today and even though in the past I could have been said to “release early,” my striking was much more pure with tons of compression, large divot etc. HOWEVER, sometimes my swings themselves would die after impact. I did a quick search and it seems so many people put a ton of importance on the “finish.” I hit the ball just as far and straight even without the full finish (just like the last shot in this video). Do you think the follow through finish is overrated or am I “only half way there” haha

TravelDudes says:

Tried this and now my iron strikes are more solid and consistent… tqvm….

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