Golf Swing Follow Through

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PatBuckleyracecar says:

You did not answer the question –

Ashley Kitching says:

as to be my biggest issue correcting my follow through great video and excellent tips

Juan Marcos Sánchez says:

Thanks so much for this video, great help for my constant mistake with my elbows! I was trying to practise it right while watching the video, can not stand waiting for the range! 🙂

Jeriah Bowers says:

Guys I have a question after watching my swing on video I realized my spine angle was leaning/failing away from the target starting at impact. Can you help me?

Sofia Alonso says:

i shall try this!

William Burnett says:

great lesson

Jan Johnson says:

don't you find that students are more likely to straighten their right wrist too early more so than their right arm?

manant388 says:

Your club face looks open post impact.
Am i missing something ? or is it a camera angle issue ?

cherrio22 says:

Good info, my instructor is trying to get me to make the swoosh sound on the left side, by the way I'm right handed, is this a good way to get the right arm to straighten?

Nick T says:

love this videos, i have a question when should your hips move forward on your downswing?

wadeguitars says:

I noticed that your right arm moved away from your body (even though elbow was down) at the top of the swing (disconnection).  Looking at Tiger he seems to keep his right arm in line with his body not flying away – your thoughts?  Also, noticed that your right elbow only flexed 90 degrees at the top – would you agree that is important not go go beyond 90 degrees as the club starts getting outside of your body and lots of bad things can happen from there.  Look forward to your comments. 

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