Golf swing hip turn for more power and consistency

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Adam Martin says:

I feel like a lot of the issue with weight sliding instead of turning is where the weight is distributed at setup. Setup with weight in the front of the foot will almost force the hip to slide. If the weight is in the arches, the weight moves towards the heel on the through swing, allowing the hips to rotate rather than slide. Just my observations.

kathleen smith says:

meant doesn't open up or pull

kathleen smith says:

This guy is not that far off — his upper body is good, does open up or pull with shoulder. Just needs to swivel hips rather than swaying from back to front. Lopez is totally right, when you swivel your hips it feels like your left cheek of your but is moving towards your right heel and your weight is on your right foot – until release pulls your through and weight transfers to left side.

oliver izzard says:

2:34 his weight can't be in his left heel at impact it isn't touching the ground at that moment. But yeah left cheek to right heel, gotta find a way to keep the hips rotating.

dennis duncan long drive golf says:

the "chair drill really is a great drill. He/I could also put an alignment rod in the ground near our front hip and turn the hip so it doesn't hit the chair and we get a double whammy.

FairwayJack says:

Guy on left has many swing fault similarities to me …I will follow your advice but can you discuss how to incorporate the bump left into your "left cheek heading to my right heel" tip 2:00 …thx

Paul L says:

very good advice. great coach

Leo Chang says:

Mr. Lopez, I really need your help. Decided to take up golf again and it appears that I starting from scratch. I was in the single digits handicapper back when I took the game seriously (HIgh school days) but haven't touched a club since 2013.. Haha, well needless to say decided to see if I still got it and didnt even break 80. I am steep on the downswing and it's something that I have been fighting since my competitive junior golf days. Definitely want to fix it once and for all.

Do you do any work on the short game, particularly 50 yards and in? It was the biggest issue for me attempting the comeback. I got major issues with little pitch/wedge shots as I am chucking SO bad. Any help would be much appreciated… cheers!

Golf Nut says:

Brilliant video Bobby. I have spent two seasons working on my backswing only to learn that wasn't my problem; early extension was! Still I now no longer have to worry or think about my takeaway or swing plane ?. Just need to keep my hips rotating and my butt line back ?

Bryan E. says:

Hi Bobby,

When I focus on rotating my hips around more, my shoulders seem to go along with them. This causes me to come over the top and slice the ball… especially with my driver. Any thoughts?

stackleft says:

when I try to swing like this I come close to topping the ball. It's just not comfortable moving your left butt cheek back toward your right heel.

K Brinck says:

Thanks Bobby. This is what I always go back to when my game starts going sideways.

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