Golf Swing Lesson Over Draws

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Golf Swing Lesson Over Draws with PGA professional AskGolfGuru Mark Crossfield. mark talks about hitting the golf ball from a long way in to out with the club path. This is another swing fix coming via a golf swing sent through Marks golf app for iPhone and android mobile devices. Steve Buzza is also joining Mark for this golf swing lesson.

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Coochicoo says:

Buzza sounds and looks like Jack Whitehall.

Tom Hobbs says:

Mark, as usual you have nailed it! Good work. But, where can I get the
‘knowledge’ of dynamic loft, dispersal, carry, etc? All I was given was a
club,taped up and I was given the choice of say 3 brands of club. Am I
unususual? Do all Pro’s now have your knowledge,expertise, etc do they have
the ability to ‘track’ your ball flight? I fear not. They have brands they
want to sell and its limited to say the least. Help me, I want to change my
clubs,for various reasons, but it’s a minefield! What’s good for me may not
good for them? Do you comprehend? Please advise.

3rdgroove says:

IF you want to get away from that “over draw” promoting swing
(working backwards; one step aiding the next one):
4. You don’t want to go in-to-out and (possibly?) flip-shutting the club
3. Keep the club infront of the body, i.e. get the left elbow infront of
the left pelvis bone on the downswing.
2. Get more side bend on the upswing (you will be able to turn more and the
club will end up higher).
1. Get feet square to target line.

Justin Yorks says:

Talking about shot shaping and you don’t bring up Bubba. Lol

Brad Morris says:

Mark, I notice you have been hitting a few “toe hooks” lately. Can you
address that and what might cause it.

James Baker says:

Hi Mark,
Are you planning to review the latest Ben Hogan FT 15 ?
Would love to have your thoughts on those :)

MrSekitori says:

Would this apply to former baseball-players too ?

Richard Burrows says:

Worth it just for the shot at the end!

Lachlan Robertson says:

Check out my latest golf vid

David Williams says:

Good stuff

N Noddy says:

Firstly Mark & Buzza, love your work. The curse of cricket!!! This problem
causes a fade for me?

Golf Information Source says:

Latest Golf News: Golf Swing Lesson Over Draws

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