Golf Swing Made Simple (4 Step Progression)

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Free Video: Golf Swing Made Simple

If you are new to the game of golf, it can get pretty overwhelming. How do I grip the club, how do I swing on plane, weight shift, ground force reaction, and on and on. Ugh!!

There has to be something that is easier. Where do you start.

Thats is exactly what I have developed for you today. I have a fantastic swing progression that is going to help you get started on the right path and playing your best golf today!

Lets get started!
Clay Ballard

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Anthony Collis says:

This is excellent. Thank you!

Petit coton says:

Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would appreciate your opinion. Have you heard about – Paneevelyn Swinging Clubsman (search on google)? It is an awesome one of a kind product for revealing an effortless golf swing technique minus the hard work. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate finally got amazing results with it.

David Lentine says:

Please! Find a good instructor, not this CLOWN! ????

David MacNab says:

Great basic instruction. Clear, straightforward and with a logical progression. Very helpful even for this 72 year old passionate golfer. Good job Clay Ballard.

Olga Mitchell says:

just started playing golf. Your videos are amaxing. easy to follow. and entertaining. thank you.

Sherrie Riley says:

GREAT – GREAT video to remind you of the basics and keep your swing on track!

Robert frame says:

Definitely the best instructor on you tube!

thomas ruzika says:

Clay is the man. I love his instructional videos. Unbelievable how well he is able to keep it simple whereas others overcomplicate the golf swing.

fdllicks says:

this is so good!!!

Jesse Downe says:

Thank You Clay for your videos!! I have been playing golf for a few years and still struggle mightily!!!! I have decided to start at the beginning which is why I seeked out this video. I recently played with guys from work and was horrible, shooting around 140. My left hip was killing me the day after. After using your drills on the proper "Weight Shift" I feel more confident than ever. I can't give up this game. I know I will achieve my goals and can "Feel" progress building!!! I have a long journey ahead of me, but I am confident I will get there with the help of your videos!

Adam says:

Great video! A consistent and repeatable swing is key!

Andrew Kim says:

I think I finally understand the proper weight shift now. Great video, thank you!

Rhonda Montero says:

Best. Video. Ever. I was in a slump for over a year. Took lessons, practiced and tried everything to get back to my old swing. This one video fixed me.

henry macayza fontalvo says:

Es la mejor explcación y más secilla que he visto sober el swing en mi Vida .Felicitaciones !!!!

Robert Bernard says:

I don't know what happened to you on Rotary Golf but I am glad you started on your own as your instruction is excellent and with your Texan drawl, it calmly describes a system that is easy to follow. Thanks for your help. Cheers

Adam Ko says:

after watching your lessons I have improved so much ! thank you thank you!!! Keep up the good work Clay! I will be watching all your footages !

Johny Jmc says:

the best instructor !! ☺☺

Latedrick Troupe says:

Is this good way to incorporate the stable & fluid spine?

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